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Account Experience is Changing the Way B2B Enterprises Grow

Account Experience

[ uh-kount • ik-speer-ee-uhns ] | noun

The intersection between experience feedback management, monetization and account-based methodologies within the B2B business model.

Account experience allows companies to deliver exceptional experiences across client organizations, monetize existing accounts and grow retention revenue.

Who is Account Experience For?







B2B is Being Left Behind.

It's Time to Address the Gap.

Customer Experience Customer Success
Collect feedback via surveys
Analyze feedback for insights
Close the loop at every level of an organization
Identify at risk accounts & opportunities for growth
Account native, & contact hierarchy with multi-location
Cross departmental application and persona based insights
Multiple industry application for SaaS and non-SaaS buisness models
Ties revenue to CX metrics
Monetization & revenue prioritization within every facet of a program

The B2B CX Gap

AX is Bridging the GAP.

Bridging the GAP Bridging the GAP

What's Inside the Book

Discover AX best practices to:

Better retain high-touch, enterprise accounts

Monetize accounts via up-sell, cross-sell & referral campaigns to drive significant revenue gains

Predict account churn before it happens

Create a stellar employee experience to drive exceptional AX

B2B CX is Changing.

Be at the Forefront.