Analytics & Reporting

Take the guesswork out of what is impacting your company the most. Once you drill deep into trends and identify root causes of issues, you can start implementing changes.

Root cause analysis

To look at your results from every imaginable side, you can use a large set of standard reports. These reports, with custom filters and segments give you the freedom to uncover what is really happening.

Create Your Own Custom Reports

If the standard reporting features don’t give you enough flexibility, the Report Designer gives you the freedom to tailor make report collections suited to your needs. You can even schedule an automated sending of these custom reports to the relevant people

Real Time Dashboards

Keep track of your metrics 24/7, without having to browse through reports. Put your most important metrics in one dashboard and see how you are doing over time.

All reporting features:

NPS® Gauge

Your NPS Score shown with our trademark visualisation – an easy to read Gauge.

NPS® Frequency

How many 10s did you get? Analyse how many times the different scores have been selected.

Segment Graph

How did each salesperson perform? Analyse the Net Promoter Score for a particular segment.

Details Driver Summary (L2)

Dive deeper into the reasons – This widget shows you the Level 2 reasons.

NPS® Summary

Get complete information regarding your NPS campaign for the selected time period.

NPS® Evolution

See the evolution of your promoters, detractors and passives over time, shown as a percentage of all responses.

Driver Summary (L1)

What are the key issues behind your NPS? This widget shows you the Level 1 reasons as selected by your customers

Firefighting workflow

How many Firefighting cases are still open? Use this widget to show an overview of your customer follow up process.


Verbatims where you need them: Display free flowing comments as part of your custom report.

Customer Satisfaction Score

This widget displays the Customer Satisfaction question as a score or a summary.

Additional Comments

Display additional free flowing comments part of your report.

Answer Pie Chart

Slice your data and show piesegments, View the number of selections for a multi-choice question.

Table Summary

Need a table for extra analysis? Show a detailed summary of your numbers.

Rating Questions

See your score for any additional rating questions used on your survey as an average or as a summary

Answer Graph

Looking for an visual representation for the Drop down, Checkbox or Radio button question?

Customer Effect Score

Display the Customer Effort Score in a ratings widget.

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