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The Net Promoter® Industry Case Study: Fintech

by Cvetilena Gocheva

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Financial Services NPS® Benchmarks

by Cvetilena Gocheva hosts the Net Promoter Scores and CX best practices of some of the biggest names in the Fintech sector, an industry that is changing the way customers think about finance. The Fintech industry is booming and offering services that enhance the customer experience beyond what traditional financial services can offer.

Think Affirm, SoFi, OnDeck...names that have revolutionised the financial services industry with laser customer focus. 

Download our Net Promoter® Industry Case Study on Fintech to find out :

  • SoFi's combination of professional services, roboadvising/technical innovations, and entrepreneurial programs
  • Funding Circle's "white glove service" and improved rate transparency 
  • OnDeck's automated closed-loop processes  
  • Affirm's Net Promoter Score growth of +9 to +82. 
  • LendingClub's "Silicon Valley client approach" to customer experience.

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