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2-minute guides: the Net Promoter Score Comic

Dating back from 2007, here are the original NPS® comic strips from CustomerGauge. Oldies but goldies we say!All you need to know about the Net Promoter Score® - in cartoon strip format. As evangelists of Fred Reichheld's work, we found ourselves explaining the concept behind Net Promoter so many times that we thought it would be fun to put into a comic format. Seems to be quite popular so we put it on the site as a free PDF downloads.A few versions:NetPromoterComicImage2008 in English: Net Promoter Comic from CustomerGauge Net Promoter Comic EnglishNPS Comic 1v4 apr2008_ITA copyP_1In German  DE-Comic-NetPromoter2NPS Comic 1v4 apr2008_ITA copyP_1 In Italian: Page 1:  NPS Comic 1v4 apr2008_ITA copyP_2 Page 2: NPS Comic in Polish In Polish:  The "Mark Kent Super Hero" versioncartoon

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