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5 things you (maybe) didn't realize you could do in CustomerGauge - Reporting

1. Get faster, easier access to your favorite or most commonly used reports with our new Dashboard Tabs.

While it’s not that many more clicks to access your favorite reports through our Report Hub, this feature is a nice addition that lets you access those reports even faster, and all right next to each other from your main dashboard. You can easily toggle between the reports and get most or all of the information you’re looking for without leaving the front page of your CustomerGauge application!

An added benefit here is that either you can control the tabs your users see or you can grant your users the ability to customize their own tabs, so different people in your organization can select the reports that are most relevant to them. This feature also plays quite nicely with another new one we have, which is...

2. Allow EVERY user to see only what they want to see when logging in, with Personalized Dashboards.

In the past, we’ve had the ability to setup role-based landing dashboards (so a different dashboard for different user roles when they log into CustomerGauge). We’ve now taken that one step forward and introduced the ability for EVERY user to personalize their own landing dashboard if desired, irrespective of their role or their pre-defined, role-based dashboard. If a user is happy with the predefined dashboard for their role, they can simply keep on using it. But if you activate the Personalized Dashboards feature, they will gain the ability to construct their very own landing dashboard instead, if desired. With this new tool the level of personalized configurations is now filled with more possibilities than ever!

3. Enhance your reports with our newest reporting widgets.

If you joined CustomerGauge more than 6-12 months ago, it’s possible that you may not have noticed some of our newer and more advanced reporting widgets. I’ll highlight a few here:

a) Bubble Chart - This chart allows you to compare a given data field/segment across 3 different metrics in the same chart (3 dimension). In the example below, each bubble represents a “Region,” and you can see NPS plotted on the x-axis and Sent (number of surveys sent) on the y-axis, with the size of the bubble & number inside indicating the survey response rate for that region. 

b) Combo Chart - The purpose of this chart is to allow you to compare two metrics on the same chart that would otherwise be difficult to visualize in the same chart, in this case, NPS & total number of responses.

c) Drivers Scatter Chart - This is another chart allowing you to combine two different metrics in the same chart. Here we focus on drivers, and plot the NPS Contribution next to the Count. 

d) Pie Chart - Pie charts are good for comparing metrics that constitute a percentage of a whole, in this case, the number & percentage of responses per region. 

e) Data Transport - Get more in-depth analysis on the performance of your emails & SMS, as well as further insight into deliveries, bounces, etc. in the improved Data Transport Report.


4. Receive your reports when you want them, directly to your inbox, with our enhanced-flexibility Report Dispatch.

This is a super-user-friendly improvement we’ve made in the past year after getting feedback from our customers who wanted to have more control over when their automated reports would arrive in their inboxes. The flexibility and possibilities of when to receive your reports are much more expanded now, and you can select which day of the week for weekly reports, which day of the month for monthly reports, and which time of day for any report option (daily, weekly, or monthly). 

5. Export things from pretty much anywhere to enhance your presentations.

We’d, of course, prefer you to do as much as possible from within the CustomerGauge platform. However, we also understand the need to sometimes take something into Excel for some further analysis or download a nice, quick image of that perfect graph or chart to add to your PowerPoint presentation. So with that in mind, we’ve given you the ability to export almost anything from directly in your CustomerGauge platform. Here are a few examples:

a) Love that graph or chart, download it as a quick image and stick it in your PowerPoint

b) Can’t get enough of these stats? Try downloading into Excel, or as a PNG image. 

c) Want to quickly extract a list of comments from the system, try exporting from a drill-down list! 

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