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Be proud of customer praise! CustomerGauge adds Automatic Testimonial Publisher

When I first started in marketing, we used to proudly publish the comments of satisfied customers in our monthly Tecno catalogue (or weekly Fox Talbot advertisement in the Amateur Photographer magazine), which would read something like "Thank you for your quick service, the camera filters arrived this morning - and I only ordered them yesterday. A Happy Customer - Mr S, Colchester, Essex". We always kept the genuine letters from customers, and invited others to inspect them.Looking through some comments in the CustomerGauge systems recently I was pleasantly surprised to see how complementary some customers are. They were really happy about the service - and not only that were happy to give that as feedback.Then I noticed that not many direct sales websites are publishing testimonials or endorsements. From my own experience I think it's for two reasons.
  • One: Except in a small company, managers are a long way from customers - comments are hidden in the call centre or perhaps customers don't know who to write to... (check the "Contact Page" of many sites if you want to see how hard it is to know who to congratulate).
  • Two: Updating websites is hard and expensive enough without adding customer comments, and then keeping them current.
So it got us thinking about how we could help companies publish positive comments quickly and easily......and today we can announce that we have added a feature to CustomerGauge that allows clients to simply publish comments in seconds.Simply go to the Organiser page and click in the box marked "Publish Comment as Testimonial". The comment will then appear on a page served up from CustomerGauge to be integrated into a blank page on your site (using INCLUDE or iFrame method). Comments can be edited before publishing, and there is a small workflow that can check if a customer approves the publication (and any edits). You can specify how long the comments last, or how many you show (it will then just push the last comment off the bottom).It's in beta test now - you can see a sample of it on the Acme Testimonial Page.More details? Contact us.

Next Up: What's the Picture on a BRAVIA like? Lessons in checking your HTML emails...

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