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Customer Survey Hall of Fame #1: Schiphol Card Number 1 in an occasional series of the best and worst of Satisfaction Questionnaires - or as we like to subtitle it: Customer Survey Idols. Laugh and cry with us as we look at some good practices - basically to see what we can "borrow" and what to let go - as we work on client projects and CustomerGauge. I'll add some pictures from my collection as we go on. Comments and new submissions welcome.1 Dec 2007: Schiphol Airport: HMSHost (sponsored by SPA?). I stopped for a coffee early one morning en-route to catch a flight to the UK. Was served by the surliest attendant I have ever seen who served me with a scowl. I picked up a survey postcard: here it is.Lovely graphics - you see what they did with the plates and cups? You have to fill them in. And some clip are of a plane. But for all the nice artwork, usability is not good. You can't write on the glossy paper. Difficult to read the small print for me. Let alone a senior. Overdesigned I think.But it is in two languages (EN + NL), if somewhat hard to read. And some space for a remark.4/10 version here: WordDoc

Next Up: Be proud of customer praise! CustomerGauge adds Automatic Testimonial Publisher

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