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Customer Survey Hall of Fame #2: Heathrow Airport T4

Where's my bus?Customer Survey Idolsheathrow T4Seen at Heathrow Airport T4. "Connect 2 Work - Staff Bus Service. If you should have any comments regarding this service please call 020 874 56261"I bet no one dares call. Or if they do politely complain, you can bet the answer would "Tough! You can wait luv!".Lessons: 1. Invite people to call, don't intimidate them! Also, make it so they can email or write - or SMS (getting popular now I think). A staff service is somewhat captive audience, so customers probably feel vulnerable anyway. 2. Who is at the end of the line? Tell people where your comments will go.

Next Up: New Features on CustomerGauge: Upgraded Comments Classification

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