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CustomerGauge announces a new survey type for cynical Gen-Zers: The Not Promoter Score

Blog by Adam Dorrell
March 31, 2023

Today’s Generation Z have been observed to be more cynical than previous more optimistic generations, and that can make it hard for brands to connect. To better represent this age group, leading NPS-provider CustomerGauge has developed a new type of survey that speaks with a language that shows they understand the assignment. The question is “TBH, how likely are you not to recommend this product to fam, no cap?”.

Based on the system pioneered by boomer Fred Reichheld, the new “Not Promoter system” needed a few tweaks. For example, the scale runs backwards, left to right. The ends of the survey are 10 (dank) to 0 (meh)

The calculation is made like NPS, with the % of 0 - 6 subtracted from the % 9 and 10s. The score runs -100 to 100, and a negative score, paradoxically is actually “vibing” (brands consider that good).

And a new feature of the system, reports CustomerGauge product manager Avril Foley, is to detect a basic shrug of the shoulders. By using sophisticated AI, a shrug or an eye-roll is recorded as a “whatever” (“Passive” in the original NPS system) - and that’s considered to slay (a win) by many brands.

This new function will be available in any CustomerGauge survey soon, launch date 1 April 2023 (April Fool's Day).

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Adam Dorrell
Adam is the CEO & Co-Founder of CustomerGauge. He often writes about #Retention and #AccountExperience and has a passion for maximizing the ROI of customer programs.
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