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CustomerGauge Monthly: Monetized Net Promoter<sup>®</sup> eBooks, NPS<sup>®</sup> Benchmarks, and More

Inundated with too much news this month? No problem—we’ve got you covered. Check out everything you missed this August 2017 at CustomerGauge with a quick round up of major content from this month.

1. [eBooks] Measuring and Acting on Customer Feedback with Monetized Net Promoter

We’re thrilled to have released not one, but two eBooks for our Monetized Net Promoter series. Based on data from our latest white paper, each new eBook in our series will tackle a step in the Monetized Net Promoter methodology. This month? It’s time to ramp up Voice of Customer programs and closed-loop processes, with step 1 and 2:

MeasureCover_bookified[eBook] Measuring Net Promoter Score®: Step 1 of Monetized Net Promoter

We kicked off our “Monetized Net Promoter” series with the first step in any great Net Promoter System® program—measuring customer feedback. In this eBook, we explore best practices and benchmarks, as well as how to create a comprehensive survey program—from how many questions you should ask to how frequently you should ask them.


[eBook] Acting on Net Promoter Score: Step 2 of Monetized Net Promoter

Looking to improve your Net Promoter Score? You’ll only get there if you act, quickly, on customer feedback. In step 2 of our series, we look at closing the loop on the front line, management and executive level. Once you begin acting on your feedback, you can start optimizing processes and planning for the "what-if" scenarios that lie ahead. Hundreds have already downloaded, don't get left behind!

2. [Infographics] Net Promoter Score Benchmarks

This month we focused on Net Promoter Score benchmarks in the technology and finance industries. We released two in depth infographics that capture the key takeaways from our technology and finance case studies:


Financial Services NPS Benchmarks

Learn about the state of Net Promoter Score from the financial services industry. See how companies like USAA have mastered their customer satisfaction program and where some companies still have a long way to go.


Technology NPS Benchmarks

Within the technology industry, heavy weights like Apple and Veeam Software take NPS very seriously. In this infographic, we look at those at the top of their game in the tech world when it comes to customer experience and NPS.

3. Top Articles of August 2017

We’re celebrating company culture and global CX teams this month on the blog. Check out the top articles of August 2017:

cxarticle4 Steps to Make Your Net Promoter and CX Program Truly Global

As your company grows, so does the diversity and backgrounds of your expanding customer base. Many companies struggle to adapt to a “think globally, act locally, market strategically” approach to their Net Promoter System and customer experience program. In this article, we explore fours steps to do just that.

CXTeamMake Your NPS Program "Team-Oriented"

Providing a consistent customer experience is hard work. Getting everyone in your organization to run the same race is harder. Part of the struggle is simply getting information in front of the right people and stakeholders so they can stay engaged, be empowered, drive action and ensure success. Learn how CustomerGauge is helping companies deliver superior customer experience.


Take a Look in the Mirror—with NPS SWOT

NPS SWOT shows you the blemishes and smooth lines of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats among your customers. In this article, we look at how B2B companies can use NPS SWOT analysis to dig deep into accounts that offer opportunities for revenue growth, revenue loss and everything in between.


Meet the Gaugies

We’re having a blast over here at CustomerGauge and we want to share some of the great talent that we get to work with on a daily basis. This month, we’ve introduced two faces:

-Trishaala Chengappa, Senior Product Manager

-Antony Laycock, Director Software Engineering

Thanks again for checking in. If you want to stay up-to-date on all the great content coming out of the CustomerGauge community, feel free to check out our blog or resources page.

See you next month!

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