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Make Your NPS<sup>®</sup> Program “Team-Oriented”

Providing a consistent customer experience (CX) is hard work. Getting everyone in your organization to run the same race is harder. Part of the struggle is simply getting information in front of the right people and stakeholders so they can stay engaged, be empowered, drive action and ensure success. In a lot of ways, good CX needs a hive mind, where each person in an organization understands what part they play (and responsibility they have) in creating that consistent experience.

Much of this comes down to having the right tools in place for a true “global CX view”. That’s why so many companies are relying on Net Promoter® and CX software to light the way.

At CustomerGauge, we’re all about giving companies the power to empower their teams through true CX transparency. We’re happy to say that in our latest release we’ve improved on just that by optimizing our reporting suite with three key benefits in mind:

  • Drive accountability by getting the right information in front of the right people
  • Dig into the data and easily share results for total transparency
  • Keep stakeholders in the loop by making NPS a key business metric

Get the Right Info in Front of the Right People to Drive Accountability

We believe that any NPS program must be cognizant of the different business roles within a company. That’s why in CustomerGauge 4.0, we’ve given users the power to create powerful, action-oriented dashboards that make sense to their role in the NPS program. How do we do it? By continuing to deliver streamlined self-service capabilities with security in mind:

  • Using self-service controls, companies can tailor real-time information presented to users through customized dashboards. Below we have an example dashboard for a VP of Customer Success.
  • Your system should greet you just like any other person. Set up relevant landing dashboards based on user roles as well!
  • Security is paramount at CG, so we don’t leave permissions and data access to chance. With CustomerGauge you can implement data access controls in your system so different users can only see the information they have access to.

custom success NPS

Dig Deep into Your CX Narrative and Promote Transparency

Your Net Promoter System® should support actionable insight into the deeper CX narrative of your company. In addition, data can’t lie. With our optimized reporting features you get transparency across departments with high-quality, visually stunning reports that promote collaboration:

  • Create and manage reports specific to your needs–from looking at a general overview to insights on a specific segment—the possibilities are extensive.
  • Easily drill into the underlying information to see individual customer experiences.
  • Invite users to co-create reports.

Screenshot 2017-08-21 10.45.48

Make NPS as a Key Metric by Keeping your Stakeholders in the Loop

Screenshot 2017-08-21 14.42.28
What better way to ensure buy-in than making NPS a key metric for stakeholders?

With CustomerGauge you can schedule reports to automatically be delivered to relevant stakeholders across the business, in addition to a number of other sharing features:

  • Send daily, weekly and monthly reports in a variety of file formats (formats include in-email body, PNG or PDF attachments).
  • Link to the in-tool version of the report.
  • Tailor reports to be automatically delivered to stakeholders via email.

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