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Manufacturers D2C Event: Risk v Reward: Balancing Fraud and Profit

It's the classic Risk/Reward dilemma. How does a company weigh up credit-card fraud detection measures against commercial pressures to sell? This is the €500m issue that affects the entire e-commerce business in Europe. Our next event (and the second industry round-table) is for e-commerce colleagues from major vendors at to learn current best-practice and discuss merchant-driven solutions to help combat fraud.

Risk v Reward: Balancing Fraud and Profit

For merchant D2C sales

Thursday 12 February 2009 Hilton Hotel, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam NL 10h - 14h

Event Summary: How can e-commerce operations best give excellent customer service, conversion and velocity, yet reduce losses to fraud?  What is an acceptable level of fraud? What resources should be allocated to fraud prevention?Fraud is a growing problem, and becoming increasingly sophisticated. Acccording to APACS figures, reported CNP (Cardholder Not Present fraud) topped £300m last year in the UK, a rise of 18%. E-commerce operations are usually alone in their efforts to combat professional fraudsters. Banks and card companies are not helpful. Law enforcement agencies are catching up. Help is hard to find, even though it's an industry wide issue. As an industry, is there anything that can be done?

Presentations will include:

  • Nike: Digital Commerce Fraud Team Manager on Team Management for identifying the cheats.
  • Avanquest: General Manager eCommerce - Delighting Customers (but Frustrating the Fraudsters)
  • General session: Next Steps: Building an industry wide solution to combatting fraud.


  • Keynote: Customisation to serve consumers (and beat the fraudsters) - Digital Commerce Operations Manager, Nike Europe
One of the objectives is to form an industry alliance to work effectively against fraud. We hope you find the event compelling and will join us to contribute to the discussion.Event is strictly invitation only to around 30 executives and managers from major merchants with direct to consumer (D2C) sales. If you have not had an invitation, please drop an email to me.Kindly sponsored by Nike Europe, in association with industry network Manufacturer D2C e-commerce Europe. No charge to attend, but limited places.Previous event summary: Manufacturers D2C Best Practice -24 Sept 2008 Event page (closed)

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