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Meet the Gaugies: David Leibowitz, Global Vice President, Customer Success

David Leibowitz, Global VP of Customer Success, is the newest member of the CustomerGauge C-Suite, joining the team in February, 2019. His experience with tech start-ups and passion for customer relationships give David a unique opportunity to expand CustomerGauge's CS agenda. 

What was your previous experience before CustomerGauge?

Prior to joining CustomerGauge, I worked for over 9 years at Oracle Corporation and in the Oracle ecosystem in various individual contributor and leadership roles. In most recent years, I led Customer Success teams in their care of Oracle’s SaaS Applications customers in North America, and worked closely with Oracle leadership to define and execute its ever-changing Customer Success strategy. It taught me to be nimble, tough, creative, and even entrepreneurial within a monolithic global enterprise.

What attracted you to working in CS?

Earlier in my career, I was a founding member of a global tech start-up. As their 8th employee, I had the pleasure to sell, service, manage, build and implement systems, and help the company grow to over 450 employees in 10 countries. Here, I was bitten by “global” and “scale-up” bugs.  CustomerGauge represents an outstanding opportunity to embark on a similar journey—this time with the benefit of my 20+ years of professional experience.

How would you describe the culture of the company?

Vibrant, fun, quirky, like-minded, and performance-oriented. CustomerGauge also prides itself on a most diverse culture—over half of the company is female, and countless cultures and languages are present and celebrated.

Take the long-standing Friday lunch tradition, where all join up to “break bread” together over what looks like an international food festival. This is a fantastic company tradition that encourages every single person in the office to get to know their colleagues on a deeper level. For a recent 2019 kickoff, we actually assembled cross-organizational teams for brainstorming and networking, bringing together Gaugies from Amsterdam, Boston, and even Sydney! I really believe that CustomerGauge “walks the walk” AND “talks the talk” about the priority of culture, inclusion and diversity in our company.

What excites you the most about your new position?

I’m most excited for the opportunity to leverage my leadership and 30+ years of career learning to elevate CustomerGauge’s CX and take the company to the next level. I’m also thrilled to be helping our customers transform their own customer relationships through an “Account Experience” approach unlike anything our industry has seen before.

What are the trends that you see influencing the CX industry as a whole?

We moved past the point where it’s enough to just survey one’s customers and understand how they feel. CustomerGauge is revolutionizing the NPS and CX industry with transformative tools and techniques that empower businesses to better manage their customers, and bridge the chasm between simple surveying and survey monetization.

And how better to contribute to a compelling trend than by practicing what we preach? This means my team uses the CustomerGauge platform all day, every day. We survey our customers with relentless consistency, and use our findings to recognize where we add differentiated value and, most importantly, to isolate opportunities to improve our solution, experiences our customers have with their customers, and the relationships between our customer and our CSMs. We feature the CustomerGauge platform in our weekly Customer Success team and CustomerGauge leadership meetings. After all, why build PowerPoint presentations when you have a world-class NPS solution at your fingertips providing real-time customer data and insights?

Where do you see your department headed in the next few years?

CustomerGauge’s Customer Success team will lead the charge by helping its customers elevate their NPS and CX strategy, approach, and ongoing NPS competency. This means providing thought leadership and the tactical expertise necessary to execute CX differently, with a focused eye on the connection between NPS and revenue.

My team will empower our customers for true business transformation. We will achieve this by increasing customer intimacy, and greater specialization in areas such as on-boarding, implementation, technical support, and business consulting. And we’ll continue to lead by example through our own use of the CustomerGauge platform.

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