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Meet the Gaugies: Jennifer Peters, Senior Customer Success Manager

This week Jennifer Peters, Senior Customer Success Manager at CustomerGauge, joins us to discuss what excites her the most about her role, as well as share her expertise on customer retention and NPS® management. 

If you could describe the CSM team in five words, what would they be?

Ruthlessly dedicated. Highly reliable. Fun!

What is the biggest accomplishment that the CSM team has achieved in the time you’ve been with CustomerGauge?

The CustomerGauge CSM team is dedicated to making their customers successful, that includes a successful NPS® implementation and go-live, but also supporting customer retention and proving ROI.

I think the one of the biggest accomplishment was when a B2B customer—who had just gone live with their NPS program—told us they prevented one of their accounts from churning using the CustomerGauge toolset. They did a firefighting call after the survey response came in and were able to save the relationship with that account. While this is a core success criteria for the CSM team, it was great to hear that for this company it had happened within the same day of their first survey. It really validated our laser focus on helping business retain customers and grow.

Can you describe a day in the life of a CSM at CustomerGauge?

Typically, I will do 4 or 5 customer meetings every day where we discuss anything from the progress of current projects, to the latest insights on their results. Our CSM team focuses on delivering customer success at various levels inside an organization, as well as understand the goals of the company and what needs to be achieved from a business point of view.

As a Senior Customer Success Manager, and the longest serving CSM at CustomerGauge, I also support my colleagues and often attend business reviews with their accounts (and vice versa).

What’s your favorite part about working at CustomerGauge?

Working with people from all over the world opens a small window into a lot of different cultures. It is amazing to sit down for Friday lunch and talk about Diwali and Chinese Year and how it is celebrated. I’m very passionate about VoC, retention and NPS, and the fact that my role at CustomerGauge allows me to apply that knowledge and make an impact in companies around the world makes me really proud.

What’s it like working in a global organization based out of Amsterdam?

I love it! Last week I had a call with Singapore, Boston, Sydney and Zurich. It still makes me pause that I am sitting in Amsterdam talking to customers on the other side of the planet.

Amsterdam is a great expat city, everyone speaks English and there is a lot going on professionally and socially.

What's your favorite CustomerGauge tradition?

Without a doubt, Halloween! The entire office dresses up and the best costume is chosen by popular vote. It makes for funny team meetings with pirates and zombies around the table. It shows that while we work very hard for our customers we can also have fun.

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