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Meet the Gaugies: Tracy Linne, Global VP of Sales

Tracy Linne, Global VP of Sales, is the newest member of the CustomerGauge C-Suite. This gives her a unique perspective on CustomerGauge as a product, and where the future of NPS® lies.

What excites you about the direction in which CustomerGauge is heading?

Tracy: "Before I joined CG I was attracted by CG’s thought leadership on Net Promoter Score®. I was intrigued by CG’s success with NPS monetization projects for large global brands. The Net Promoter Score methodology was never intended to be hidden in market research. CG’s founders recognized that from the outset and used their differentiated point of view to build a new Net Promoter model and platform that uniquely enables monetization. This is a significant advancement beyond heritage NPS. Many early adopters mistake Net Promoter Score as simply a score and never journey beyond that. In fact, NPS was always intended to be an operating management framework that unleashes revenue growth when mapped to the customer journey. "

How would you describe the culture of CustomerGauge?

Tracy: "Our cultural key principles are Integrity, Respect, Engagement, Growth and Originality. These are “own it” words. If you string these principles together, you get a really interesting ecosystem that nurtures innovative ideas from our employees and customers alike."

CustomerGauge just celebrated it's 10 year anniversary. Where do you see CustomerGauge in another 10 years?

Tracy: "I think the first 10 years were about proving it. We earned respect from the NPS community and built a launch pad for growth and more innovation, derived largely from valuable insights from our employees and customers.

I think the next phase is about spreading the word about the benefits of Monetized NPS and scaling from there. There isn’t a universal understanding of the power of financial KPIs tied to NPS and how to improve that. We’ve lived it and we’re sharing that secret sauce. I specifically hire sales talent well-suited to this mission."

What are trends that you see continuing in the industry as a whole?

Tracy: "It is commonly reported that two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies use NPS, yet there isn’t a playbook to navigate that journey.  So many NPS initiatives stall without expert guidance or linkage to financial outcomes. It’s why we recently published the NPS Field Guide to spread the word in a practical “how to” way. The series focuses on addressing the CX path forward at an industry-level—which I think is the future of benchmarking—to guide companies towards what NPS success looks like for them."

What's your favorite CustomerGauge tradition?  

Tracy: "Well, I haven’t seen all of them yet, but so far I have to say that the sales new hire pitch “rocks”. You are a sales new hire, hired because you are really good at what you do.  And here you are, within your first week, presenting to NPS experts who are really good at what they do. Talk about peer pressure. You present your opinion of what CG does with no direction at all. New sales hire presentations have included everything from comparing CG to an animal kingdom in the Savanna, to a public service announcement about poor customer experience epidemics, to a boot camp fitness program, to making customers’ dreams come true. It's this kind of creativity that defines us as a company and allows us to find unique solutions for our customers."

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