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Net Promoter News: Chimps go bananas for 69, Bonobos ape over 74, PuroClean fix up 93, TSS account for 94

December 2009 Net Promoter® Score News Digest


DIY-Massmailer MailChimp, announced their Net Promoter Score of 69 in their newsletter. They had 4000 responses to their question "Would you recommend MailChimp to a friend?". (Source).

Continuing in the simian theme, men’s apparelster Bonobos were proud to announce their 74 NPS, by working on word-of mouth marketing. CEO Dunn is targeting 90. Source: CEO Blog and comment.

Net Promoter Ski-ore: Vail-based SkiButlers score 89 (source: VisitVail),  Whistler resort has an eye on customer satisfaction, up 6 NPS points (source: PiqueNews) .

GameStop Corporation, World's Largest games'n'ents seller with 6200 outlets report "very high customer satisfaction metrics indicated by our record net promoter score results". Sadly no number given, so we don't know their High Score.  (Source: Q3 2009 Earnings Call - SeekingAlpha)

A & G Insurance Services: Managing director of Australia's A & G Insurance, Michael Weston, says his company's direct-to-market brand, Budget Direct, has "... a high net promoter score". However, he chooses not to share it. Shame! (Source SMH)

Mixer-tap and bath maker Grohe optimised customer service (i.e. cut back on 25% of "unproductive" customer contact) by tracking effect of number of sales calls on Net Promoter Score according to Bain research in Harvard Business Review. NPS maxed at three visits, so not worth doing more. Results of improving customer experience by 10 % increases revenue by 7%. (Source $ Dec 01, 2009, HBR, Closing Customer Feedback Loop)

B2b News:

[caption id="attachment_1426" align="alignnone" width="315" caption="CoinStar NPS results from Q3 Earning Docs"]CoinStar NPS results from Q3 Earning Docs[/caption]

: Cash-machine corp CoinStar get to “North of 80”. Their RedBox brand pays out NPS 83. Source - Q3 2009 Earnings Call, Seeking Alpha and preso

Proving every cloud has a silver lining, 911-chaser PuroClean set up 89 new franchises, hit $90m of emergency service and score "highest customer experience in industry" with 93 NPS (source, self puffer)

Cherry-picker hirer NES Rentals get to top of the tree with all time high of 80 NPS - best of three quarters in a row. (Source: Self-puffer)

Workforce managers GMT take on Net Promoter methodology and have an initial score of 47. Kudos of GMT for publishing score and some details of how calculated (although getting your own client support organization to collect the answers might sway some of the values) (Source: Self Puffer)

Hi-Tech News

Tennessee Software Solutions (TSS), bean-counting softer (Quickbooks etc) was recognized by Sage as a Top Performer in their 2009 Customer Loyalty Project. In 2008, score 87 (average of Sage partners was 49). In 2009, TSS have hit NPS 94. (Source: Self-puffer)

Virus-stopper Symantec talking about NPS. CEO Salem: "We've seen improving Net Promoter Scores [...] we believe that this is a positive leading indicator for our business [...] We continue to use the Net Promoter Score feedback to deliver differentiated and improved experiences for our customers and partners" (source: SeekingAlpha) and "We established three key metrics embodied in something called a Victory Plan and then communicated this to the employees, with the indication that it would be the means to how we measure our success. These three items are the Net Promoter Score, essentially how we measure customer loyalty; market share; and employee loyalty and satisfaction." (Source: CIO Digest). Also some details on Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS): "The one-question survey asks 'Overall, how likely are you to recommend Symantec to a friend or colleague as a place to work?'" Source: Symantec

Qlikview, a Biz-Intel softer with unpronounceable name quoted “QlikView achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 48, a new world record for the software industry.” Note to their PR people: If in the Guinness Book, we’d like to see details, please (source: ITWeb and self-puff)

HCL, India-based IT services company were apparently ranked by Gartner as highest pure-play IT service provider among global 211 Manufacturing Industries on Net Promoter Score”. However, we tried to track down Gartner source, but to no avail, so not verified.  (Source: Results Preso)

And finally... Point Of Reference claim 100. In the category of “too good to be true?” comes testimonial management outfit Point of Reference with a 100 Net Promoter Score. They asked “How likely is it that you would recommend Point of Reference to a friend or colleague?”. No details of how many people responded or methodology. So apparently no one gave them a score of less than 9. Likely? You decide. (Source: self-puffer)

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