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Net Promoter News: Is there a “Dutch Effect” in Kuwait? Rental Express gives employees the keys to customer delight

Is there a “Dutch Effect” in Kuwait?

Thought-provoking Net Promoter-based research published by a customer satisfaction index in Kuwait (Source: AMEinfo) claims that Kuwaiti males are the least satisfied customers in the market, while non-Arabs are the most satisfied.

kuwait-flag.jpegAt first blush, this looks like an indication of cultural bias affecting Net Promoter scores in a single market - if a person is from X background, they are more likely to be an advocate, and if they are from Y background, they are more likely to be a Passive or Detractor.

This is particularly interesting to us because we are often asked about cultural bias and told that "We (nationality X) don't give high scores because [insert cultural reason]." In fact, one of the most popular posts on this blog is “Is there a Dutch Effect?” – a discussion of cultural bias affecting scores.

But what we have found is quite different to the conclusions that seem to be suggested here. In the case of our clients, the biggest factor of all is not cultural bias, but service delivery, which makes this post all the more interesting because the findings are from a single market which presumably means that the different groups receive similar service.

So does the Dutch Effect exist? Culture may be a minor one of the many factors that affect how people score.  However, our advice remains constant: There are too many variables at play to objectively compare scores across markets. So rather than getting distracted by comparing apples and oranges, use Net Promoter for what it does best -  setting a benchmark score to measure your own progress against, and using feedback to incrementally build loyalty.

Do you have any thoughts on the Dutch Effect? Let us know!

Rental Express gives employees the keys to customer delight

Way back in 2007, Aussie property management biz Rental Express was horrified to learn that its initial NPS was -11. Though that compared relatively well to a competitor average of -22, the business recognised that work needed to be done in order to improve customer satisfaction, and it went about embedding Net Promoter in its organisation.

Today Rental Express measures the NPS for each individual property management portfolio, each office, each Business Development Manager and the overall score for the business. But in order to reinforce customer-centricity throughout the organisation, the business  uses scores as the basis to recognise and reward staff with quarterly and annual awards programs.

Since that initial shock in 2007, the company’s score has increased to +25, and its rent roll has increased from around 1,500, to 4,000. Sold Magazine

In brief

  • Dutch insurer Nationale-Nederlanden has shared a Net Promoter case study (in English) and a score (+4). They say that NPS has been embraced throughout the organisation partly through injecting fun into the process, rather than focusing on a boring metric.  Damarque
  • Blackberry said that it will be looking at NPS to judge the early success of its new BB10. CNet
  • Business insurer insureon has claimed a (self-reported, mind-bogglingly high) NPS of +98, and said that it added 7,000 new customers in the last six months. PR Web
  • New Dawn announced an NPS of +52, up 20 points from last year. New Dawn

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