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Net Promoter News: Metro Bank NPS makes the papers

[caption id="attachment_1968" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="Evening Standard 11 May 2011"][/caption]For the first time in NPS memory (that's about 5 years in our lives, having started this Net Promoter news column in 2006) we have seen NPS mentioned in a major newspaper (this is the London Evening Standard from today - source) and in the first paragraph.We've covered the Metro Bank before on these pages - it's a new UK retail bank with focus on the customers. The article tells of founder Vernon Hill crowing about a "97%" Net Promoter score, and he lists the other usual suspects, including the Barclays score of -35.  Nice to see such a focus on the customer. Let's hope he keeps publishing his scores (preferably with some methodology around it - without wishing to being cynical we'd like more detail around that incredible 97 score).If not time to read the article we have a handy chart here...[caption id="attachment_1969" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Retail Bank Net Promoter Scores, Evening Standard 11 May 2011"][/caption]

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