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Net Promoter News: Opinion calibration with NPS, Pain-Relief for Customers

Small round up of today's Net Promoter Related articles:

Understanding opinion

Razorfish-er Shiv Singh lists ten Trends in Social Influence Marketing. In at lucky number seven he states:  "Social influence research will become more important than social measurement... There's going to be an evolution from measuring sentiment to understanding opinion and synchronizing it with the Net Promoter scores. Why? Because marketers care about opinion much more than they do about sentiment." Agree or disagree with your "friendsters" here.

Pain into Gain CMO Network has a feature article called "Turning Customer Pain Into Customer Gain" from Donovan Neale-May who writes that care and handling of customers is more important now than ever.News at Ten headlines: Customer influence and expectations are higher than ever. Good news/bad news travels faster than ever. But most companies are deaf to this - and should react to improve brand and Net Promoter scores.  CMOs should take the lead in customer experience as there is money left on the table (but many CMOs do not understand importance). Shocking stats: 76% marketers thought they could squeeze more revenue from existing customers. Less than 50% had good stats on retention rates, customer profitability and lifetime value - even less so in real-time. Solutions include finding the most loyal advocates and help them tell others. Good news: Companies that understand customers better can increase customer lifetime value. Source:

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