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Net Promoter News: Threadflip Struts NPS Swag, Surf Air Hangs 10, FlexiGroup's big win

Threadflip Struts NPS Swag

Marketplace startups are unique, according to a recent post in IT news site TechCrunchbecause they aren’t just serving one base of customers - they connect buyers and sellers, service providers and consumers.

Despite serving two distinct segments of customers, Anand Iyer, head of product at online fashion marketplace Threadflip says that the peer-to-peer ecommerce site started out by focusing on the buyer experience. However, after noticing that sellers gave a significantly lower Net Promoter Score, the startup put a renewed effort into supporting this segment of its customer base.

Last but not least, Threadflip has tied product operations closely to customer service, which has driven its NPS for sellers up "by 70 percent." TechCrunch

Surf Air Hangs (9s and) 10

"All you can eat" restaurants have been around for decades, but Surf Air is one business trying to bring the concept to mass appeal among frequent fliers. The idea is simple enough. Instead of paying for a flight, customers pay for membership and gain access to unlimited flights across its routes (unfortunately limited to the west coast of the US at this stage).

Last year founder and (now outgoing) CEO Wade Eyerly told Venture Beat“Our aim is to have satisfied customers. If you don’t like our service, you will cancel. We are on the plus side of a disruptive change. This is either going to be a home run or a strike out.”

The company has a Big Data approach to calculate how many flights it can operate profitably based on its subscription model and uses Net Promoter to measure customer loyalty. As he prepares to leave his role as CEO, Eyerly says one of the things he is most proud of at his time building the business is driving a +90 NPS. Correlating with this sky-high score, Surf Air has 6,000 people on a waiting list to become members, and has already clocked up $9 million in investment so far. WSJ

Net Promoter gives FlexiGroup a "big win"

Financial services biz and CustomerGauge user FlexiGroup noted in the Australian this week that its Net Promoter program has been a "big win" for the company "because it means that we can actually feed back that data and then we can think about what we should do ... to improve that score.”

Head of consumer credit David Nesbitt attributed "improved productivity" in part to the information generated from its Net Promoter program, and financial stats appear to correlate with positive impact of its big data approach combined with bringing the voice of customer into the organisation. The article comes not long after the business announced a 14% half-year profit rise, with tipsters at the Motley Fool warm on its future prospects from an investment point of view.  The Australian (paywall)

In brief

At its earnings call, eBay’s Latin American partner MercadoLibre announced that "Fourth quarter NPS ended at the highest level of the year both for the marketplace and payments businesses." Seeking Alpha

Radioshack has claimed that its NPS has increased by 360 basis points in its earnings call. However, the business faces some serious challenges on the financial front, and will close up to 1,100 stores in the near future. Seeking Alpha

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