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Net Promoter News: Tip for First National: Bank on Net Promoter, Groundhog Day for Dutch telcos, Perkins, Online Tech compare NPS to Apple’s

Tip for First National: Bank on Net Promoter

According to a recent Bain survey, South Africa’s big four banks have an average NPS of +22, but specialist banks in the same market have an average of +70. Bain suggests that the high scores of specialist banks including Investec and Capitec may be because they have a narrower focus.

[caption id="attachment_3550" align="alignright" width="300"]First-National1-300x166.jpg First National: Most innovative bank in the world[/caption]

The most interesting comment in the article comes from First National Bank boss Michael Jordaan, who said, “Our biggest source of information to improve ourselves (are) customer complaints.”

First National is no stranger to innovation. In fact, it was just recognised as the most innovative bank in the world in the BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards. Having said that, we’d still like to point out that learning from customer complaints is a reactive position that falls short of soliciting useful information from a cross-section of customers (and as an aside, Promoters can offer even more useful feedback than Detractors).

Bank on it: Net Promoter is a far more effective tool for insights than relying on customer complaints. Just ask our clients! Business Day Live

Groundhog Day for Dutch telcos

The last time we reported on the customer satisfaction levels for Dutch telcos, the headline read Dutch Telcos leaving customers underwhelmed. New research for Q3 2012 has just been released, and in a surprise twist, it appears there are no new twists.

Ben and Simyo once again have the highest satisfaction levels for mobile operators, and T-Mobile self, Simpel and Tele2 have the worst. Of the larger providers, Telfort, Tele2 and Ziggo have the “best” NPS in Q3 2012, though they are all well under zero. Telecom Paper

Perkins Accounting and Online Tech compare NPS to Apple’s (yes, that old chestnut)

Perkins Accounting and Online Tech are the latest two in a conga line of businesses attempting to show off their customer satisfaction levels by busting out the “our NPS is in Apple’s league” line in its press release.

According to Perkins’, a new website is one of the changes brought about by feedback. Online Tech notes that its score is around 20 above Rackspace – a competitor and company that is doing exciting things in the customer service space. It does not, however, mention samples sizes or methodology.  Perkins Accounting, Online Tech

In brief

  • Cancer-fighting tech biz Varian has announced that according to independent research, its customer service division has been rated top among linear accelerator manufacturers in six out of nine KPIs, including Net Promoter, with a score 24 points higher than the industry average. WSJ
  • Healthcare recruitment pundit Medical Doctor Associates has boasted its inclusion in Inavero’s “Best of Staffing” Talent List for 2012, thanks to an NPS nearly double the industry average.  PR Web
  • Property company Field Asset Services (FAS), has announced it is implementing Net Promoter in order to boost loyalty and help implement new processes.

Net Promoter Vacancy

CustomerGauge is hiring! German-speaking Client Operations Coordinator in Amsterdam

Manager of NPS Implementation, Melbourne, Australia.

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