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New Features on CustomerGauge: Upgraded Comments Classification

How can you prioritise where to improve your business first? And are you getting better or worse in specific areas?CustomerGauge helps you by reviewing customer comments, and helping you organise them by assigning "reasons" why each customer was unhappy (or satisfied). The result is a "Voice of Customer" neatly organised.reasons_cut.jpg Today, we released the latest version of our Customer Feedback Organiser which allows clients to assign up to 15 reasons in each of 5 stages of the sales cycle. Each of these can have the additional segmentation of "Negative/Positive/Neutral". This gives 75 possible buckets for categorising customer feedback. Examples could be: "Call Centre Negative experience in Post Sales" or "Web Content/Navigation Positive Experience in Pre-Purchase".These are very specific reasons and reporting can be too granular, so we also give a method of sorting these by category. We recommend that clients define 5 or 6 categories that all the reasons fit into, so reporting can be done at a higher level (example: "Reasons for comments: Web 15%, Logistics 20%, Call Centre 37%...etc"). Each feedback can have as many reasons checked as needed, and graphs are provided to show actual distribution and trends of reasons.issues_graph_cut.jpgAn administration tool is available so that the Client super-user can add/delete/edit reasons as needed. Please contact us if you would like more details.

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