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Case study: Nilfisk-Advance polishes global customer satisfaction

Nilfisk-Advance – a Denmark-based global manufacturer of industrial cleaning products – previously ran 30-35 question customer satisfaction surveys. But this approach yielded less-than-ideal response rates, cost a significant time investment, and lacked an automated way to distribute reporting through the organisation. These factors led it to partner with CustomerGauge to implement a global Net Promoter® program.

The organisation is now running Relationship surveys for two groups of customers – Indirect (dealers) and Direct (professional end users). A particular point of interest is that Nilfisk-Advance does not assign equal weight to all feedback. Instead, the business surveys only its biggest customers – those that account for 80% of turnover in each market. The organisation believes that this strategy will deliver more value in terms of retention and organic growth.

Using the CustomerGauge Firefighting tool

Nilfisk-Advance has set speed of customer issue resolution as a Key Performance Indicator. Specifically, it set two key metrics to track internally – a fixed hour period with a customer from when an issue is raised until first contact, and a fixed month period until final resolution. Most issues can be speedily resolved at a local market level. But in a global organisation, some issues inevitably require the attention of global HQ. For issues that need to be escalated to a global level, the local staff member opens a Firefighting case in their CustomerGauge platform to help measure close time by automatically triggering an escalation email to global HQ. To ensure fast resolution, Nilfisk-Advance has implemented a regular board meeting that is tasked with resolving global-level issues within a fixed month timeframe.

“Across global and local levels a renewed effort on customer service excellence is really driving this organisation forward. Management teams are very aware of their issues, scores, and how they need to improve,” said Jacob Christensen, Global Marketing Intelligence Manager at Nilfisk-Advance. “Working with the Firefighting tool in the CustomerGauge platform has made it possible to embed systematic processes within our organisation to close the loop on customer issues.”


Before partnering with CustomerGauge, Nilfisk-Advance already had some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in its industry. But backed up by a robust system to escalate issues to global HQ and act on them quickly, its Net Promoter program has put it on target to achieve an internal goal of becoming Customers’ Preferred Choice by the end of 2015.

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