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Net Promoter News: Nokia plots its comeback, V-Rooms accelerates customer service, Genroe organises CustomerGauge meetup, Social business needs a metric, Best of Staffing Awards integrate NPS

Nokia takes note of NPS, plots its comeback

The direction of Nokia has been the topic of a great deal of speculation over the past few years as the company’s fortunes have tumbled in developed markets following the rise of the iPhone and various Android phones. However, it is easy to overlook the fact that the company is relatively stronger in emerging markets and among price-sensitive consumers.


In fact, the company noted at the opening of the World Mobile Congress this week that a campaign in Mexico and Indonesia to launch its range of Asha phones led to Nokia’s Net Promoter Score increasing* to its “highest ever level” in these regions. Based on this success, the company is now considering rolling out successful campaigns from developing markets to developed markets, rather than the more traditional opposite approach.

If it wants to regain its position as a preeminent mobile player in developed markets, Nokia certainly has its work cut out for it. But if it can replicate its high NPS, it will be very interesting to see whether it can start to make inroads into the smartphone market against heavyweights such as Apple and Samsung. Stay tuned for what could be a long battle (on your mobile, of course)! Marketing Week

[*editors carping note: NPS on Nokia product, or on the campaign itself? To be honest, we're not sure... If on the campaign, it's "trebles all round" for the ad-men, but pretty meaningless for Nokia success... Reminds us of a marketing meeting we attended a year ago with a well known consumer brand that had perhaps gone a bit too far on measuring Net Promoter - they were presenting in earnest the survey results of the question: "Would you recommend this email marketing message to a friend or family member?".  As if that would really make a difference to customer loyalty...]

V-Rooms accelerates customer service, writes fantastic press release to prove it

A few weeks ago we discussed Atlanta-based virtual data room company V-Rooms, and its “A+ Net Promoter Score,” which left us wanting to be impressed but instead slightly confused.

While we still aren’t 100% sure what an A+ Net Promoter Score is, the latest self-puffer outlines with admirable detail exactly how seriously the company takes customer service – and this time, we are impressed.

The headline – “V-Rooms Increases Customer Service Staff by 25%” – is a promising start. But further reading reveals a company that is not only telling their customers how much they value them and outlining the clear steps they are taking to maintain and improve their customer service, but also highlighting this strength as a clear point of differentiation with their competitors. Check out these quotes:

  • “At a time when many of our competitors are trying to cut costs by delivering the least amount of human connection, we are expanding our customer service staff.” (Dan Bradbary, CEO)
  • “Unlike a lot of the other providers in the virtual data room space, our customers have the option to pay on a month-to-month basis.” (Karen Perkins, President)
  • “Because we treat our customers well, they stick around. We give our customers the freedom to leave, they just don't want to.” (Karen Perkins)
  • And finally: “If the lifeblood of an organization is its customer service, then V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms is already very healthy having recently achieved an A+ rating on their Net Promoter Score Survey.”

What’s an A+ Net Promoter Score? I’m too busy swooning to care! PR Web


Genroe organises CustomerGauge Australia meetup

If you’re a CustomerGauge user in Australia, keep March 15th open. Genroe, CustomerGauge’s Australian partner, is arranging a meetup to exchange Net Promoter information, product tips and best practices. And as Genroe notes on their blog, since there are not yet any competitive overlaps in the Australian CustomerGauge user community, there should be little problem in sharing great ideas with one another.

We'll be supporting the event from Netherlands HQ, and look forward to hearing about how it goes! For complete details including a program and contacts, please check out Genroe’s site .

Social business needs a measurement metric

With the rise in social as a medium for brand communications, one of the big trends in the last couple of years has been social business, which global MD of Social@Ogilvy John Bell defines as “producing business value from social behaviour.” In a recent post for PR Week, he outlines three clear steps a business should lay out in order to develop a successful social business strategy.

The third step is to establish a measurement model, and nothing, he notes, breeds strategy like a common evaluation criteria. Though he is careful not to give a blanket statement on how a business should measure its social business, he mentions “you may decide to focus on relationship marketing versus advertising or because you believe in the strength of the Net Promoter Score.”

To which we’d like to add one small note: Social metrics are now a dime a dozen, but few are as clear or proven as Net Promoter. PR Week US

Best of Staffing Awards integrate NPS

There are currently around 13 million people unemployed in the US – a sobering statistic that we hope will change for the better sooner rather than later. And while it is only a part of the solution, the 2.5 million strong recruitment industry is helping to connect at least some of these people with new employers.

With that in mind, Portland-based research firm Inavero has released its annual Best of Staffing lists. In order to make the company’s Best of Staffing Client and Best of Staffing Talent lists, firms were required to attain a Net Promoter Score of +55, nearly double the industry average – with less than 1% of firms making the cut. This week the internet is awash with firms promoting their recognition, but for a full list you can check out the link below. Best of Staffing

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