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NPS® News: Social workers have it tough, Shoes of Prey encircles bad customer experience

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

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Social workers have it tough: NPS digs up the truth

There is something going seriously wrong in the world of social workers. In a study by Reed Business Insight of 2,100 social workers, only 13% said they would promote their work to others, with 59% saying they would not recommend their employers, meaning a resultant score of -46.

The Net Promoter System was used in an innovative means by asking how likely one would be to recommend their organization to other social workers. An interesting twist from the standard B2C or B2B we associate with NPS, in what is known as eNPS (Employee Net Promoter System). However, remaining different still from eNPS, as it covers social workers industry-wide rather than a specific organization.

To find out more about this interesting tweak of eNPS, read the full story here.

Shoes of Prey encircles bad customer experience

Shoes of Prey, using NPS, are now gaining increasingly better insights as to how customers see their products and services, whilst also realizing just how valuable it is to them to have customers that feel they are being heard and valued. Such actionable insights have helped the company overcome the early teething problems of four years ago, with a growth of 250% in the last 12 months.

After a rocky start in 2009, Shoes of Prey have learnt from their mistakes and are now making inroads to becoming a customer experience focused company.

In its early heady days, Shoes of Prey was hugely successful in gaining traffic through various campaigns, particularly social media. However they realized pretty quickly that they were having a problem at the other end of the story.

They figured that high traffic would equate to a similarly high number of sales, and yet this was just not happening. What came to pass was a realization that they knew very little about their customers and were targeting the wrong audience. They knew how to get people talking about their brand but they couldn’t seem to convert this.

Alongside a host of other customer experience measures, Shoes of Prey now employs Net Promoter System surveys, asking that one key question with the added option of leaving commentary if customers wish. Get a birds eye view of the story by reading.

NPS in brief:

In its annual study of corporate opinions of financial services provided by transfer agents, Group Five publishes a number of NPS scores for players in this industry. Wells Fargo Shareowner Services is highest rated for client loyalty at an Net Promoter Score of 65, performing better than the industry standard of 50. Still beating the industry standard, Computershare is found at 52. Broadridge and American Stock Transfer both have a loyalty rating of 38 on the NPS scale. (Source:

In a different report, the Triple Play Insights Q2 2014, Telecompaper reveals the NPS of a number of Dutch telecom providers. Overall, they note that the market average has went up 5 points in the past year, landing at -6. Only two companies slightly beat this average: Ziggo has an NPS of 0 and KPN scores -4. For UPC, Tele2 and, the market average is still way out of reach, with scores of -13, -18 and -17 respectively.

One last thing:

Tuesday the 7th of October was Customer Experience day. To celebrate we launched a publicly available NPS benchmarks site. A place where you can not only find NPS scores across different industries, countries and company size but you can submit your own NPS benchmarks. Have a great weekend and enjoy the site.

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