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Webinar: Focus on B2B Account Management with Net Promoter Score, Tuesday 15 January 2013


Start the New Year by making a resolution to put good discipline into the sales process, using techniques from Net Promoter® Score. By joining this short webinar you can learn new techniques and copy-paste ideas from forward-thinking companies that are making regular customer contact a discipline, pulling the customer voice into the company, and getting improved retention sales as a result.

Presentation highlights:

  • How hi-tech b2b sales organisations are driving B2B account management with Net Promoter Score, resulting in improved retention, upsell, and company-client communication with reference to two real-life (anonymous) success stories.
  • Why your Net Promoter project will improve sales discipline - and why salespeople like it!
  • Help you on key areas including Planning, Organising, Communication, Reporting, and Actions.
  • Best practices including incentivising schemes and embedding into the heart of your organisation.

We sincerely hope you will be able to join us for our webinar.


The webinar is completed - you can view a recording here (30 mins).

Presented by: Adam Dorrell, CEO, CustomerGauge and Vivek Jaiswal, CustomerGauge

Learn from the best Company X was struggling to hold on to large customers, in spite of rolling out a large CRM project. Meanwhile, a separate part of the company was measuring Net Promoter on service offerings and seeing some improvements on support issues. But they were not realising the potential value of the two programs. By combining a Net Promoter account management approach to the entire customer relationship - using CRM and NPS, there were immediate positive effects on customer relationships across the board. This company was able to improve its retention by combining CRM and NPS. This complex process was enabled by good planning, top-down management buy-in and some useful technology solutions In the webinar, we outline the best practices they used to leverage their Net Promoter account management across the entire customer relationship.

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