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What's the Picture on a BRAVIA like? Lessons in checking your HTML emails...

"Dear My Sony. Thanks for your marketing email to me today. Yes, I would like to enter your competition to "Win a 40" BRAVIA LCD TV". If only I could see the images in the mail!

No problem, I thought. It must be the spam blocker, so just in case I'll just click on the link that helpfully says: If for any reason you are unable to read this e-mail, please click here.


Sadly the same result. I still can't see the pictures in your email. Also the link to the pictures seems to be broken. Thought you would like to know, Adam from Amsterdam"Well, it's a lesson to all of us who do email marketing to our customers. If Sony can make a mistake like this, so can you. Here's the lesson: Always check and re-check your HTML emails, or at least make sure the links go to a solid landing page.

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