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3 Ways Microsoft Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction Through Net Promoter Score®

by Cvetilena Gocheva

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by Cvetilena Gocheva

Satisfied customers are the secret to any business’ success, and few companies understand that better than Microsoft. When the company planned to take the Microsoft Office suite and make it into a subscription service as Microsoft Office 365, executives knew keeping in touch with their customer base, and making sure they were satisfied, would be incredibly important moving forward as they expand their network of product offerings.

CustomerGauge got the chance to talk about how Microsoft measured customer satisfaction  recently when it sat down with Microsoft Office 365’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) team as part of data-gathering for the 2018 NPS® CX Benchmarks Report.

After surveying over 468 companies, and analyzing the market and the data collected, CustomerGauge has proudly completed its 80+ page 2018 NPS® CX Benchmarks Report on 15 different industries. Created in collaboration with MIT CISR and, the report looks at benchmarks in key performance metrics, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), retention rates, and revenue growth, in industries ranging from insurance to technology.

Amongst these 400+ companies are some of Fortune 500’s top rated businesses, including Microsoft, who received a spotlight in the report around measuring and improving customer satisfaction.

With a seemingly endless portfolio of products, Microsoft needs a metric like Net Promoter Score to ensure they hear from as many customers as possible to not only build better products but create an ecosystem of loyal and heard customers:  

We want to hear from as many customers as possible, so we are always optimizing for response rates, even if that means a lower score. We do lots of A/B testing to see what works best. For example, we tested which email subject lines worked best for getting high quality responses. – Microsoft Office 365, NPS team


The big takeaway from the report? Microsoft Office 365 is using NPS as a metric to improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase customer growth. And it’s working. Here’s a sneak peek into what Microsoft is doing with NPS and NPS data around customer satisfaction:                                                             

  • Share Results Internally & Establish Cross-Organizational and Leadership Support
  • Focus on Internal NPS Benchmarking                        
  • Use NPS to Proactively Save Detractors and Increase Retention

Want to learn more about how Microsoft uses NPS to measure and improve customer satisfaction? Download the 2018 NPS & CX Benchmarks Report below!