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Net Promoter Case Study: Customer Experience Transformation on Enterprise Scale

Aegon's Customer Experience Transformation on Enterprise Scale

The world is changing, technology is changing, customers are changing, and we’re transforming form a product-driven company who served intermediaries to a customer driven organisation, which serves the real customer

Net Promoter Case Study: Integrating Feedback in an Enterprise Software Company

Black Duck is Integrating Feedback in an Enterprise Software Company

The NPS score allows us to see where the cracks are. At the important transaction points in the relationship with our customers.

Net Promoter Case Study: How SingleHop Slashed Customer Churn

How Singlehop Slashed Customer Churn

It's very difficult without the Voice of the Customer to know what you should focus on and what you should improve.

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H&R Block Canada: Maximizing Loyalty and NPS® with Referral Marketing

H&R Block Canada is tying referral marketing to NPS®

H&R Block Canada is activating their customer base by tying their referral marketing campaigns to their Net Promoter System®.

Melitta: Brewing a First-Class Customer Experience

Melitta is brewing more than just coffee...

Melitta made the decision to adopt the CustomerGauge Net Promoter System® to improve, track and monetize their customer experience program.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care: Changing the Face of Patient Experience

Legacy ER is changing the face of patient experience with CustomerGauge

Learn how Legacy ER & Urgent Care transformed their patient experience by partnering with CustomerGauge.

Aegon: Net Promoter in the Insurance Industry

CustomerGauge Helps Aegon Insure Customer Happiness

Aegon is a multinational life insurance, pensions and asset management company headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands. With around

Kuoni: the Extra Mile with CustomerGauge

Kuoni takes Customers the Extra Mile with CustomerGauge

Switzerland-based international travel operator Kuoni is no stranger to delivering an exceptional customer experience. In fact, the organisation has been awarded

Ansarada: Leaders and Culture

Leaders create the culture and culture produces results

Using NPS allows us to fail fast and fail early. We dont have to go and spend all this time developing a feature that nobody actually wants.

Ansarada: Product Management

How to benefit from NPS® in product management

The Net Promoter® System is more than a tool for measuring the customer experience, it can help companies manage

Black Duck: NPS and Innovation

How CustomerGauge helps Black Duck Software stay innovative

Black Duck Software is an international subscription-based enterprise software company that solves the logistical challenges of managing open-source technologies and

Nilfisk-Advance: Polish Global Customer Satisfaction

Nilfisk-Advance polishes global customer satisfaction

Nilfisk-Advance – a Denmark-based global manufacturer of industrial cleaning products – previously ran 30-35 question customer satisfaction surveys. But this approach yielde

Verafin: Applying Forensic Skills to Customer Feedback

Applying forensic skills to customer feedback

SaaS provider Verafin is a leader in fraud detection and anti-money laundering software that supplies its solution to more than 1,000 banks and credit unions across North America.

W. & L. Jordan GmbH: Floors Customer Service with Net Promoter

Building better customer service with Net Promoter

W. & L. Jordan GmbH is a German third generation family-owned flooring and home textile wholesaler that sells to small-medium sized businesses

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Webinar: POS, Promoters and Perfect 10s

How retailers measure and deliver customer experience

In this webinar, we cover how to integrate NPS surveys and your POS system, NPS benchmarks in the wider retail and eCommerce industries, methods for automating surveying and reporting to grow retention, and much more!

Webinar: Patients, Promoters and Profits

Best practices for using Net Promoter to win patient experience (PX)

In this webinar, you'll discover strategies to improve the patient journey and how to address common pain points within that journey, as well as useful tips for running your own patient experience program within a healthcare or urgent care business.

Webinar: Pay Attention to Retention

In this webinar we look at the ways you can monetize your CX program

If you link your CX program to revenue, you can accelerate growth in the process. Why is this important? Because according to the NPS Benchmarks survey, 2/3 of companies surveyed either don't know their retention rate or it's too low.

Slides: How Net Promoter Leaders Succeed

Learn how Net Promoter Leaders succeed: Genroe and CustomerGauge analyse the NPS Benchmarks Survey 2016.

Get an an overview of the whole survey - learn how NPS leaders drive 10% increases in retention, get 3X program ROI, drivers of success, response rates, close-loop rates and many other stats.

Webinar: The science of B2B selling

A webinar series to get the most out of your Net Promoter program

We will explore these questions, and show some new science to help predict customer renewals. Based on a data driven approach, you’ll see how your CRM system can already provide surprising pointers in this informal 1 hour session. Case studies and practical help from practitioners.

Webinar: Going Full Circle

NPS® Insider Secrets - Part One: Going full circle

Every Net Promoter professional is looking for secret tips and tricks to go that extra mile in their program. However, very little expert advice - that actually works - is available out there. In this 'NPS Insider Secrets' webinar series, you'll get a glimpse behind the curtain with a speed course to Net Promoter Success.

Webinar: Response De-Mystified

NPS Insider Secrets - Part Two: Response De-Mystified

In this recorded webinar, the second of the series, Adam Dorrell, CEO of CustomerGauge, will show you how you can achieve response rates of up to 60%.

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