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2016 NPS® Benchmarks Survey [Report], Part 1

by Cvetilena Gocheva

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by Cvetilena Gocheva

In 2016, conducted the largest and only survey of the state of the NPS® industry. With more than 600 responses from companies of all sizes, large and small, the NPS Benchmarks Survey discovered shocking insights on the current state of the Net Promoter Industry. 

Based on the responses we got, discovered:

  • The average Net Promoter Scores by industry
  • The major drivers of success in NPS programs
  • Average response rates in programs across the entire world
  • How practitioners rated their own NPS program

Here's a quick preview of some of our key findings. The graph below shows the top factors contributing to the success of an NPS program: 

As can be seen from the graph, discovered that the top factor driving the success of an NPS program is senior buy-in. This is followed by change empowerment, based on customer feedback and the set of specific NPS targets. 

We have also found the top 10 reasons why NPS programs fail. The graph below shows that the lack of established link between upsells & NPS, as well as the missed opportunity to use promoters as social media influencers are both top factors for failed NPS programs.

Eager to learn more ground-breaking insights on NPS? Download the 2016 NPS® Benchmarks Survey [Report], Part 1 below and become an NPS expert! 

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