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Fintech Customer Experience: How To Get a High NPS Score in Fintech [5 Examples]

by Cvetilena Gocheva

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NPS Financial Services / 27 Banking NPS Scores 2023

by Cvetilena Gocheva

Our NPS benchmarks database hosts thousands of Net Promoter Scores across 20 industry verticals. It includes up-to-date benchmarks from some of the biggest names in FinTech, an industry that is changing the way customers think about finance.

In the case study below, we've broken down the NPS scores of five leading companies in FinTech: AffirmSoFiOnDeck, Funding Circle and LendingClub—who have revolutionised financial services by innovating with a laser focus on customer experience.

As the Fintech industry booms and muscles out traditional financial services with superior experiences and stronger loyalty, it's never been more important to be on top of best practice.

What's in the Fintech Customer Experience case study?

Download the Industry Case Study on Fintech to find out:

  • How SoFi's combination of professional services, roboadvising/technical innovations, and entrepreneurial programs meant their NPS = 90.
  • How Funding Circle's "white glove service" and improved rate transparency got them a score of 77.
  • How OnDeck's automated closed-loop processes boost CX (NPS = 84).
  • Like fast growth? Find out how Affirm's Net Promoter Score grew from +9 to +82. 
  • Discover LendingClub's "Silicon Valley client approach" to customer experience.

We hope you enjoy it!

FAQs for Fintech Customer Experience

What is a good NPS score for Fintech?

In the financial service industry, where the average score is 34, a score greater than 34 would be considered good, but it should be your ultimate goal to match Fintech leaders like SoFi (NPS = 90), Funding Circle (NPS = 77), and onDeck (NPS = 84).

What are the top Fintech NPS scores?