What is the average Net Promoter Scores by industry? | CustomerGauge What is the average Net Promoter Scores by industry?

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What is the average Net Promoter Scores by industry?

As can be seen by the chart below, Net Promoter Scores vary greatly between industries. CustomerGauge conducted a study in 2016 and published the average Net Promoter Scores by industries.

Looking at the chart, we can see that the Cable and Telecommunications industry’s average Net Promoter Score is at or below 30. Retail, Transportation & Logistics and Wholesale on the other hand get a 50 or more Net Promoter Score on average.  

2016 NPS® Benchmarks Survey Report, Part 1

When comparing Net Promoter Scores, it is important to understand what industry you are operating in. Lots of companies would like to compare themselves with brands that have really high Net Promoter Scores—Apple, Zappos and Tesla are just a few. However, what they forget is that these companies operate in totally different industries. You cannot compare apples with pears, this is not the point of Net Promoter Score benchmarking. Instead, keep track of the average NPS of your industry.

Still, when you’re comparing scores from companies in the same industry,make sure you know the specifics of their Net Promoter Programs. Let’s take Southwest and KLM as an example. Both are operating in the same industry (airlines). But when they are measuring customer satisfaction they might use different touch points, which might affect the Net Promoter Score they will end up with.

That is why, you should benchmark internally, take best practice from segments within your business and then understand the differences to better track your Net Promoter Score improvement. The only scores worth comparing with, are you own. And that answers the question: what is, in fact, a good NPS? It’s an NPS that is better than the one you had yesterday.

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