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Utilities Net Promoter Score Benchmarks NPS Score Benchmarks

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In the utilities sector as a whole, the average net promoter score (NPS) is 58 (CustomerGauge benchmarks report, 2020).

In theory, the energy and utilities industry have the infrastructure to handle disasters and unforeseen challenges. In the unexpected event of 2020’s coronavirus outbreak, energy and utilities weathered the storm—but not without ripple effects. 

Disruption to supply chains, temporary reductions in funding for renewable energy, and pressures on the workforce (a lack of engineers, new restrictions on movement) all added up to a challenging season for this industry.

Energy and utilities should expect a decrease in revenue in 2021 of between 5-10%, as the industry recovers (Capgemini). On the flip side, there will also be some positive trends on the horizon, including a continued focus on energy transition to more renewable sources of energy and new technology programs.

In 2020, energy and utilities had an NPS of 58. To continue offering reliable support during the transition out of the global pandemic, energy and utilities can focus on creating a better customer experience through the Net Promoter System. NPS scores can not only give companies valuable insight into account loyalty; they can also help indicate areas of danger or potential churn.

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Score Updated February 28, 2022


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We've written a complete guide to "What is Net Promoter?" here. In short, Net Promoter is a system designed to create sustainable, healthy growth through retention, upsell and referrals. Learning how to calculate NPS is your first step to understanding the mechanism of NPS clearly.

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What is a good Net Promoter Score varies greatly between industries. There's a number of ways to compare your score—but ultimately, who knows if other companies are tracking their score according to best practice? Or if they're manipulation their results? For that reason, your best benchmark of success is your own NPS score in previous years.

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