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Blog by Ian Luck
October 26, 2017

CustomerGauge’s vision has always been to promote the free exchange of best practices around Net Promoter®, to help companies measure NPS, act on the results, and grow business. We’ve been doing this publicly in our Net Promoter News Blog since 2007.

We had collected all the public NPS numbers we could find, and in 2009 we published the first “NPS Annual” of numbers - which turned into our most popular post. We’ve been developing the concept, and are proud to share our latest NPS Benchmarks v2.0 which is bigger, better and more detailed than ever before.

We aim to not only share NPS scores, but to help verify them, and provide guidance on how to present your own scores in the most transparent way. Now we have added discussion opportunity and we would love to get your comments and feedback.

Until now, companies wanting to compare their NPS performance against competitors had no open or free space to do so. Their only option was to commission market research studies, which are often too expensive to access, provide a small data set and do not offer advice on how to improve performance. There was also not a single NPS hub to quickly compare themselves against the competition, find industry specific reports and thought leadership on how to spur business improvements.

Frustrated by the lack of an easily accessible and free platform, CustomerGauge decided to challenge the status quo and provide an NPS benchmarking repository. As such, collates and publishes any publicly available Net Promoter Score from industries all across the globe, with the added ability of allowing companies to submit their own Net Promoter Score for publication.

CustomerGauge now offers an open source platform that businesses can use to access NPS competitive benchmarking across companies and industries, receive up-to-date NPS trends, and obtain advice from thought leaders on performance improvements. We also offer the means and tools for businesses that do not know their NPS score, but would like to find it out. encourages business leaders to ask questions like: “How am I doing compared to others in my industry?”, or “What is the average NPS score I should be expecting to receive?” or “Is my NPS score good?”. The community can serve as a reality check for companies and as a best practice repository for NPS improvement ideas.

With a database of more than 2,000 NPS scores, including some of world’s most customer-centric brands, business leaders can now learn from the best, compare themselves to competitors and share their own NPS score. We urge all companies to open up and share base level data to help the whole industry.

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