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Waitrose is #1 UK retail experience

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Waitrose supermarkets are the UK's best stores according to a report out today from consumer group Which?, and not surprisingly are able to persuade customers to pay a premium in return for better service.Which? surveyed nearly 11,000 shoppers and asked them to rate customer satisfaction, convenience, experience, pricing and products. Waitrose and partner store John Lewis topped the survey with 87 and 78 points respectively. Other high places were given to independent book and DVD stores, Marks & Spencer (who must have been happy to climb to 6= place), Lidl and Aldi (proving that budget stores can also score highly in customer satisfaction).Customer focus no doubt assisted Waitrose to bring in a good year, with high sales growth at 4.1% - and in the key Christmas week, up an impressive 28.5% at £79.2 million.At the back of the survey were TopShop, Focus, Currys/PC World, Somerfield, Woolwooths, JJB Sports. In last place (77th) were JD Sports - scoring 33 points overall, but only 6% on customer service.

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Many sources for this, but the Independent remarked that "JD Sports told Which? Magazine that it had appointed researchers to find out the reason for its unpopularity".Can we respectfully offer some advice to poor Wayne Davis, head of retail at JD: "Wayne, don't hire researchers! Your customers are your best consultants. Listen to what they say, prioritise, and then take one action per month to fix it. Track your Net Promoter Score, publish internally, and re-focus the company around the customer. Regards, Adam"PS If in need of a good tool for this, we humbly recommend CustomerGauge.

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