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10 Best NPS Software Tools for B2B Companies

Far too many companies obsess over the Net Promoter Score (NPS) itself, not on what it enables.

When designed properly, your NPS program is merely a conduit to revenue growth.

With the right NPS software, you should be collecting regular feedback from your top customer stakeholders; closing the loop with detractors and promoters in less than 48 hours; and tying customer sentiment to ARR so you never lose a high value customer again.

In this article, we’ll show you:

What Should a Good NPS Software Platform Allow You to Do?

The best NPS survey tools for B2B should make it easy to automate time-consuming CX processes, drive account experience visibility, enable fast and effective closed-loop processes, and drive real revenue growth.

Let's look at teach in more depth:

1. NPS Tools Should Automate Time-Consuming Processes

NPS software platforms should allow you to fully automate numerous tasks that previously would have taken whole departments to run.

Automations to improve your Account Experience should include:

  • Automated survey sends. An NPS software platform should enable automated survey campaigns. These campaigns should be automatically activated by predetermined triggers, whether time, transactions, etc. Bonus points of your platform has NPS survey best practices built in to guide you on things like when to send an NPS survey.

  • Automated closed loop process. Closing the loop with customers post-survey is an important step in using NPS to grow. Detractors are highly likely to churn (most can be saved) and promoters are ripe for upsales and referrals in the future. In B2B, these are both BIG opportunities to grow and retain revenue. Your NPS software should automate parts of closing the loop, make it easy to close the loop, and send alerts and target reminders to your team. Rule-based automated escalations can ensure timely follow-up and accountability.

  • Automated revenue-focused analytics: Real-time reporting and analytics should make it clear which customer accounts have high/low NPS scores, response rates, engagement and closed loop rates—all clear indicators that those accounts might churn. Importantly, they should use revenue size to alert you of the value of potentially churning accounts (Read more: What is Monetized NPS?)

2. NPS Software Should Drive Visibility Into Your Account Experience

Using relationship and transactional surveys, coupled with driver analysis, your NPS software should allow you to identify pain points in the customer journey.

This will help you to determine which touchpoints need work to improve the customer experience, and ultimately boost retention.

Drivers enable you to keep your surveys short and more frequent. According to our white paper, surveys between two to three questions equate to a 5.3% bump in retention, while performing quarterly surveys produces a 5% retention increase.

Your Net Promoter software surveying capabilities should also allow you to understand:

  • The NPS score of multiple stakeholders in each customer account (taking notice of hierarchies).

  • The contribution of NPS drivers to each recipient’s NPS score.

  • What the customer is really thinking—with a free-text comment box and automated text analysis capabilities to uncover insight.

When brought together with revenue outcomes, you should know exactly what projects to fix and how much ROI they represent.

3. NPS Survey Platforms Should Enable a Trackable Closed-Loop Process

NPS software should be more than a simple survey tool. It should also help automate follow-up workflows to close the loop quickly with customers. Good NPS software should allow you to close the loop at the frontline, management, and executive level.

There are four qualities of a good closed loop policy. Net Promoter software should aid in achieving each aspect:

  • Speed: More than 50% of customers answer surveys within 24 hours. Your NPS software’s closed loop workflows should enable you to accomplish the same. A best practice is to respond within 48 hours, which can boost response rates by between 5.4% and 6%. This enables you to resolve issues in a timely manner and make sure the issue is still top of mind for customers.

  • Impact: Measure, measure, measure. You should be able to measure the impact of your closed loop efforts via your NPS software. Our own customers have found that closing the loop alone raises their Net Promoter Scores by a minimum of 29%. NPS software allows companies to measure how their closed loop workflows affect response rates, retention, and revenue growth.

  • Coverage: If you want to get a clearer picture of root cause, you should strive to close the loop with all of your customers. Automation should help to close the loop with most customers, but budgetary constraints may restrict you in closing the loop with all of them. Look for an NPS software that includes NPS SWOT features, so you can see which high-value, high-risk customers to target first.

  • Structural and strategic solutions: The frontline should be able to handle most operational issues with customers, but management and c-suite will sometimes need to get involved. NPS software should provide the insights that management needs to make strategic decisions. Meanwhile, drivers will enable management and c-suite to understand the reasons behind most scores.

4. NPS Software Should Identify Opportunities for Revenue Growth

The most important thing your NPS software should do is tie your work to revenue growth. Otherwise, CX efforts go undervalued, unsupported and, frankly, they won’t be as impactful.

Softwares and methodologies like Account Experience look for opportunities for growth within your customer base using NPS. Do passives account for most of your revenue, or promoters? This information is vital to tackling churn.

Let’s look at one example of this in our B2B NPS platform. One of the widgets we offer customers is the NPS SWOT.

In this widget, each dot is a customer account. Those in strength are high NPS score, high revenue customers. Those in opportunity are high NPS score, low revenue customers (upsell opportunities!). Those in threats are low NPS score, high revenue customers (you really don’t want these to churn). And those in weakness are low NPS score, low revenue customers.

We have 100s of widgets like these, all designed to drive a deep understanding of your customer health.

Another example is our NPS lifecycle widget.

At-risk revenue (in red) is the annual revenue coming from accounts with a detractor NPS score, gray is passive NPS scores, and green is your promoter NPS scores. Unknown is an important column too. This is the value of the accounts who are giving no signals at all, which is really not a good sign.

Check out 13 of our other NPS visualizations here.

NPS Software: How to Choose The Right Fit

When choosing the best NPS survey tool for you, be led by your needs. What will work for a B2C company might not be optimal for a B2B for example, and vice versa.

Five key areas to investigate when choosing your NPS software platform are:

  • Infrastructure and security. Your IT team will want to ensure the security of your data. Most NPS software providers should offer the level of security and infrastructure you need.

  • Scalability. As your company grows, so too will the needs of your NPS software platform. Do they have the capability to scale with your organization?

  • Integrations. Do you have a network of CRMs that require integration? Can your NPS software provider accommodate them? Ideally, you want to look for a NPS software provider that has an API that ensures most integrations are possible.

  • Self-service. Once you’ve become familiar with the system, can you execute functions on your own? This should be standard.

  • Support. The purpose of NPS software is to improve your customer experience. But your NPS software provider should offer superior support and CX itself. After all, this is the business we’re in. Look for a NPS software provider that has a unique focus on the client to Customer Success Manager (CSM) relationship, not only during implementation, but continuously.

10 of the Best NPS Tools & Softwares (NPS Software Comparison)

How did we evaluate these tools? Each Net Promoter Score tool has been evaluated according to these criteria:

  • What they do in a nutshell

  • Pricing

  • Quality of Customer Service

  • Their G2 reviews out of 5

  • Who is it for?

  • What makes them different?

Our NPS Software Top Picks

Note: that this is not a rank of NPS software tools, but rather a collection of platforms that can be highly effective, depending on the needs of your business.

Here’s a quick summary of the tools (we’ll deep dive each one right after).

NPS Tool #1: CustomerGauge

  • Price: Starting at $29,800 for 30 users
  • Who's it for: Mid-market and enterprise companies looking to tackle churn and grow account size in B2B and B2B2C channels.
  • Top three industries: High-tech, business services, manufacturing
  • Customer service quality: 9.6 user rating for Quality of Support on G2.
  • Review score: 4.6

NPS Tool #2: Medallia

  • Who's it for: Larger B2C organizations looking to drive CX transformation.
  • Top three industries: financial services, technology and telecommunications, and retail.
  • Customer service quality: 8.5 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.5

NPS Tool #3: NICE Satmetrix

  • Who's it for:
  • Top three industries: Telecommunications, financial services (banking), healthcare
  • Customer service quality: 9.1 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.2

NPS Tool #4: GetFeedback

  • Who's it for: Larger B2C organizations looking to drive CX transformation.
  • Top three industries: Unknown
  • Customer service quality: 9.0 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.5

NPS Tool #5: Qualtrics

  • Who's it for: VoC customers of all sizes, ranging from fewer than 10 users to over 50,000. Qualtrics has a big focus on business school survey research.
  • Top three industries: Financial services/insurance, B2B, retail
  • Customer service quality: 8.7 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.4

NPS Tool #6: InMoment

  • Who's it for: Large enterprises, best for B2C.
  • Top three industries: Retail, hospitality and travel, automotive
  • Customer service quality: 9.1 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.7

NPS Tool #7: SurveyMonkey

  • Who's it for: Small businesses usually (with free survey tool) but the company has recently expanded its business in the enterprise sector by enhancing the solution’s security, administration and integration capabilities.
  • Top three industries: Education, Nonprofit, healthcare
  • Customer service quality: 8.6 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.4

NPS Tool #8: AskNicely

  • Who's it for: Organizations looking for a mobile platform to easily integrate with their customer experience strategy.
  • Top three industries: Unknown
  • Customer service quality: 9.3 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.7

NPS Tool #9: Zonka Feedback

  • Who's it for: SMEs wanting to kick-off their surveying system.
  • Top three industries: Unknown
  • Customer service quality: 9.5 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.7

NPS Tool #10: SurveySparrow

  • Who's it for: SMEs wanting to collect website and customer service feedback.
  • Top three industries: Unknown
  • Customer service quality: 9.0 Quality of Support rating on G2
  • Review score: 4.4

Let’s dig deeper into each one, starting with how CustomerGauge can help you.

1. CustomerGauge

CustomerGauge was voted #1 by Gartner for B2B & B2B2C voice of customer software. Account Experience, our proprietary methodology, provides medium and large B2B businesses with a thorough roadmap to tackling churn and accelerating customer referrals with their Net Promoter program.

Gartner #1 voice of customer solution
CustomerGauge is the #1 B2B Voice of Customer Platform

We believe that NPS is an action tool, not a research tool. Every piece of customer feedback is tied to the revenue of that account—you (and your account managers) should know which accounts are at-risk of churn at any time, which CX issues should be fixed first, and exactly how and when to close the loop with promoters, passives and detractors.

  • Accolades: Highest performing Voice Of the Customer (VOC) vendor for the B2B use case in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Report, Recognized G2 High Performer Spring 2022.

  • Example customers: Heineken (case study), Coca-Cola, DHL (case study), ICON (case study) and many others in CPG, logistics, SaaS, telecoms, financial services, insurance and more.

  • Pricing: Get a detailed quote here.

  • Quality of Customer Service: Customer support is our essence. Currently, CustomerGauge has a 9.6 user rating for Quality of Support on G2.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.6 from 42 review.

  • Who is it for? B2B companies looking to optimize customer experience and use it to promote growth.

  • What makes us different? While most other NPS software companies exist to help you run NPS surveys, we provide many of the management tools you need to actually grow and take action using NPS. We’re unique in how we help sales, account managers, and CSMs to focus on revenue growth through the account lifecycle with the help of experience data. Head to our homepage and book a meeting with our sales team to learn more about what we do.

2. Medallia

Medallia is a customer feedback management platform that helps B2C and B2B businesses improve their customer experience and empower employees with insights. Medallia offers detailed cross-channel insight into customer bases using easy-to-use automation platforms.

  • Accolades: Forrester Wave Customer Experience Leader 2021, The Forrester New Wave Employee Experience Leader 2020

  • Example customers: AirBnb, Best Western, Deliveroo, General

  • Pricing: Request a quote

  • Quality of Customer Service: Currently sitting on an 8.5 Quality of Support rating on G2

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.5 from 91 reviews

  • Who is it for? B2C companies looking for an NPS software tool that will give their employees the tools they need to do the best job they can.

  • What makes them different? Easy integration and a platform that’s specifically designed to be used by every single person in an organization.

What CustomerGauge does is give companies a holistic view of every relationship they have with each of their accounts, allowing sales executives and customer success teams to activate the most valuable customers that truly understand your value proposition… and at scale.

3. NICE Satmetrix CXM

NICE Satmetrix enables companies to act on feedback and transform the customer experience at scale. This NPS software provides a useful, robust platform that allows you to combine and analyze millions of customer interactions, solicited feedback, and operational data. The aim is to uncover blind spots, increase customer satisfaction, and improve agent performance.

  • Accolades: Named a leader in 2021 SPARK Matrix for Voice of the Customer.

  • Example customers: Toyota Financial Services, Experian, OneSource Virtual

  • Pricing:$24.00 per month for a 1 device license. Free trial available.

  • Quality of Customer Service: Support is good, with a G2 rating of 9.1.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.2 from 31 ratings.

  • Who is it for? Organizations of all sizes that rely on the strategic value of the contact center.

  • What makes them different? The buzzword here is holistic. NICE Satmetrix is a unified VOC solution that allows you to visualize omnichannel journeys through the eyes of your customers, and then action the insights you gain.

4. GetFeedback

Created by Momentive, GetFeedback provides NPS survey templates that allow you to get quick, actionable feedback for your business. They’re focused on making their offerings agile and fully compatible across devices, so that you can get up-to-the-minute feedback from your customer base.

  • Accolades: As an employer, Momentive has recently been announced as winner in two categories of Comparably’s Workplace Awards—“Best Work-Life Balance” and “Happiest Employees.” They’ve also received Comparably Large Company awards for “Best Company for Diversity,” “Best Company Culture,” “Best Company for Women,” and “Best CEO.”

  • Example customers: KLM, Yeti, Puma, AutoTrader.

  • Pricing: They offer Essentials, Pro and Ultimate packages. Contact their sales team for a quote.

  • Quality of Customer Service: They currently have a 9.0 Quality of Support rating on G2.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.5 from 313 reviews.

  • Who is it for? Organizations that are looking for quick, actionable feedback that they can integrate with Salesforce.

  • What makes them different? Simple-to-use and set up, GetFeedBack is particularly focused on making their surveys mobile-friendly—and beautiful.

5. Qualtrics

As a NPS software option, Qualtrics is comprehensive in its scope. Top security, sophisticated automation, and an easy to use interface, the platform allows you to collect, analyze, and action CX data.

  • Accolades: G2 Top 100 Fastest Growing Products

  • Example customers: Yahoo, Microsoft, Yamaha

  • Pricing: They have a free plan that could work well for small businesses. For larger enterprises, contact the company for a custom quote.

  • Quality of Customer Service: They’re sitting at an 8.7 on the G2 Quality of Support metric.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.4 from 2,413 reviews

  • Who is it for? Organizations looking for a one-stop shop to manage customer experience, product, employees, and brand on a single platform.

  • What makes them different? With an extensive client base across the globe, this is a trusted product. They offer a free NPS template for you to kick off with.

6. InMoment Customer Experience

Formerly called Wootric, InMoment is a full service cross-channel NPS software solution. They offer a targeted approach to customer experience that aims to monetize insights to boost growth.

  • Accolades: G2 Leader for Spring 2022

  • Example customers: Footlocker, DocuSign

  • Pricing: CoreCx, Enterprise, and Custom options available. Contact for a quote.

  • Quality of Customer Service: They’re registering a 9.1 on G2’s Quality of Support metric.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.7 from 289 reviews

  • Who is it for? B2B companies looking for a comprehensive tool to measure and action customer satisfaction.

  • What makes them different? Centering the human element, InMoment takes a consultative approach to NPS software.

7. SurveyMonkey

We’ve already taken you through GetFeedback, but we think this offering from Momentive is also worth a mention. This simple-to-use survey solution empowers individuals and organizations to get feedback in a flash.

  • Accolades: SassSworthy Top 3 Most Worthy Software 2021, Top 20 Highly Rated Software 2021, Top 20 Highest Growing Software 2021, and Top 20 Most Popular Software 2021

  • Example customers: Golden State Warriors, Audi Business Innovation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  • Pricing: Personal plan: $99 per month; Team Advantage Business Plan: $25 a month per user; Team Premium Business Plan: $75 a month per user; or you can customize for your enterprise.

  • Quality of Customer Service: For Quality of Support, their G2 metric is currently 8.6.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.4 from 17,667 reviews

  • Who is it for? Individuals and organizations who need to get feedback quickly and simply.

  • What makes them different? It’s very popular. This tool is one that everyone has heard of.

8. AskNicely

AskNicely is NPS software that allows you to empower your frontline to best serve your customer. It’s an easy-to-use, personable, and customizable way for you to get the feedback you need from customers and employees alike—and then action that feedback.

  • Accolades: NZ Emerging Company of the Year for 2018.

  • Example customers: Barnardo’s, Contentsquare, YMCA South Australia.

  • Pricing: Request a quote.

  • Quality of Customer Service: They get a 9.3 for Quality of Support on G2.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.7 from 830 reviews.

  • Who is it for? Organizations looking for a mobile platform to easily integrate with their customer experience strategy.

  • What makes them different? The world’s first pocket-sized customer experience coaching platform, AskNicely allows you to send useful surveys at automated intervals.

9. ZonkaFeedback

This easy-to-use solution is an NPS tool that you can use on the spot. As an omni-channel platform that you can use to understand your customer base in minutes, they empower businesses to meet their customers where they’re at.

  • Accolades: G2 Momentum Leader and High Performer for 2022.

  • Example customers: Leroy Merlin, Nikon, Radisson, Lenovo.

  • Pricing: Professional: $79/month; Growth: $169/month; Enterprise $429/month. Custom options available. Entry level pricing from $24 for personal use. Free 15 day trial.

  • Quality of Customer Service:They get a 9.5 for quality of support on G2.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.7 from 61 reviews.

  • Who is it for? Great solution for B2C companies looking to collect on-premise feedback on tablets.

  • What makes them different? Simplicity and ease. Without any sort of learning curve, you can be collecting data from your customers and employees.

10. SurveySparrow

This popular omnichannel experience management platform is a front-runner when it comes to creating customizable, conversational surveys that generate real insights. They focus on honing in on every touchpoint of the customer journey.

  • Accolades: On G2s 2022 Best Software Awards on the Fastest Growing Product List.

  • Example customers: Heat + Deloitte Digital, Brella, ASL Marketing

  • Pricing: Free trial; $99 per month for Business (for small teams); $499 for Enterprise; customizable option available.

  • Quality of Customer Service: They get 9.0 for Quality of Support on G2.

  • Their G2 review score out of 5: 4.4 from 1,205 reviews.

  • Who is it for? B2C companies looking to foster an in-depth relationship with their customers through a high response rate.

  • What makes them different? They’re at the top of their game when it comes to creating conversational surveys that help you engage with your audience.

Which NPS feedback tool wins for B2B businesses?

In can be hard to choose between CX platforms. They all claim to have similar features and to be the ‘best’ on the market today.

But if you’re in B2B, CustomerGauge wins out-right. We’re a relatively young company which means we’ve learned from the mistakes of those who went before us—a one-size fits all platform is not effective.

That’s why we are laser focused on building the #1 technology and methodology for B2B customer experience management. Focusing on B2B means a CX software better adapted to the needs of B2B account manager, sales referral acceleration and customer success improvement.

Reach out to our sales team today to learn why we’re different and how we can help you.

Choosing NPS Software: The Bottom Line

NPS software comes in all shapes and sizes. The point is to find the ideal match for your needs. When looking for the right fit, assess the current needs of your customer experience model. From there, start somewhere—and start soon. With the automation capabilities of the software on the market, many of the jobs will be done for you.

If you’re a B2B organization looking to harness the power of your customer insights, get in touch with us today. Account Experience is a game changer.