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We Empower The World's Largest Brands With Account Experience

Drive revenue using real time feedback from your B2B value chain and help your front-line staff act on customer insights quickly to reduce churn, upsell happy customers, and generate new business referrals from super-promoters of your brand.

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CPG is Changing Fast—Don't Get Left Behind.

The digitalization of CPG is happening before our eyes and whoever owns the data, will win—big. The old way of researching the market once a year with stale feedback won’t cut it anymore in this new digital-first world. The solution: you need real-time insights and an automatic system to follow-up on B2B customer feedback at scale to grow your marketshare faster than the competition.

Down Line

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The Old Way of Collecting B2B Channel Feedback in CPG

Adcantage Group / IPSOS Report Driven Insights

Advantage Group / IPSOS Report Driven Insights

Phone Based Surveys

Phone Based


1x Per Year

Minimal Action or Follow-up with B2B Customers

Minimal Action or Follow-up with B2B Customers

Siloed Country/Divisional Approach

Siloed Country/Divisional


Lack of Industry

The New Way of Collecting B2B Channel Feedback in CPG

Digital First Approach


Multi-Channel Feedback Collection

Feedback Collection

Always On Customer Feedback

"Always On"
Customer Feedback

Automatic Customer Follow-up Systems

Automatic Customer Follow-up Systems

Personalized Dashboards For Every Team

Personalized Dashboards For Every Team

Internal & External CPG Benchmarking

Internal & External
CPG Benchmarking

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CustomerGauge Is Pioneering the New Way of Collecting B2B Channel Feedback in CPG

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Our CPG Clients Are Transforming Their B2B Businesses as a Result

Matthieu Simon

After a successful pilot, we rolled out CustomerGauge to 50+ countries and the program is now one of our CEOs top-priority projects.

-Matthieu Simon

We have 27+ markets where we’re deploying the Account Experience software and playbooks.

-Luiz Gondim

Luiz Gondim
Stuart Ward

We saw significant results after the first hour of going live—we could immediately see how this was going to impact the entire organization.

-Stuart Ward

The CustomerGauge team helped us move from a traditional call-center approach to a digital-first approach at scale without losing the customer voice.

-Jeffrey Jahn

Jeffrey Jahn

How Account Experience Works For CPG

It’s now easier than ever to remove silos and start acting on B2B customer feedback in real-time so you can gain more marketshare, build deeper relationships, and generate more revenue from your customers.


Capture Channel Feedback

Email Email
Popups Popups
Call Centers Call Centers
WhatsApp WhatsApp

CustomerGauge AX Platform

CheckerCX Revenue Focus
Real Time FeedbackReal-Time Feedback
Industry BenchmarksIndustry Benchmarks
Success PlaybooksSuccess Playbooks

What to Expect

More Upsells More Upsells
More Referrals More Referrals
Targeted Support
Increased Marketshare Increased Marketshare
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The CPG Software
Designed For Your Entire Team

Gain visibility into at-risk and high-value accounts to discover opportunities for better retention and revenue growth.

360 Degree View of Your Account Base

Pinpoint new revenue streams from upsells, cross-sells, and referrals and track your progress against targets.

Track Upsells & Cross-sells

Understand how customer experience impacts retention gains, losses, and your bottom line. Stay ahead of churn with down-sell indicators to maximize growth over time.

Net Retention Tracking

Imagine if you could determine how 1 NPS point impacts your bottom line? With our Revenue Simulator, you can set targets based on hard data that puts CX and revenue into center focus.

Predict Revenue With NPS

Quickly identify ‘absence of signal’ to re-establish relationships with high-value accounts who have gone dark.

Predict Churn to Increase Retention

Benchmark your experience internally across divisions/locations and externally vs. your CPG peers with the world’s largest CPG experience benchmark data set.

Outperform Your Competition

Improve every single channel relationship across the globe at scale with real-time customer experience insights while driving more revenue.

Grow Your Marketshare

Building a customer-centric culture starts from the top down—give your teams the tools they need to resolve B2B customers’ problems in real-time and share wins internally.

Create a Real Customer-Focused Culture

Level up your feedback strategy from once-a-year data collection to an ‘always-on’ listening program and act on every interaction at scale.

Always-on Feedback

Go on auto-pilot with CustomerGauge and automatically distribute feedback from your accounts to frontline managers in real time.

Automatic Case Management

Easy-to-control dashboards arranged how you want it — with global and divisional segmentation capabilities to dive deeper into NPS, response rates, retention, text analytics, and much more.

Fully Customizable Dashboards

Every account is valuable, but not every account holds the same value. CustomerGauge directly integrates revenue with experience data for better visibility into your account landscape.

ROI-based Insights

Goodbye endless customer reports, hello prioritized accounts. Combat churn with a holistic, organized view of the accounts that need your immediate attention — and have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

360-degree Account View

Track the health of account relationships with a complete view of your engagement from support ticket systems and business reviews to CRM activities.

Track Account Engagement

Discover unique profiles on every account with access to stakeholder information, churn likelihood, coverage percentage, and relevant satisfaction drivers.

Drill Down on Account Satisfaction

Get to the heart of customer feedback with a complete, holistic view of your accounts while assigning cases automatically, tracking statuses, and more.

Detailed Case Management
NPS Life Style
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Ranked #1 For B2B By Gartner

Every month you are losing money to churn whether you realize it or not. Account Experience helps you get control of churn and generate net-new opportunities so you can grow faster than your competition.


"CustomerGauge has the top score for the enterprise B2B use case. It succeeds in improving customer retention and loyalty, and in providing the evidence of the resultant financial benefit."

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Experience Benchmarks

Get The B2B Experience Benchmarks

With over 24,000+ data points collected across 12 B2B industries, this is the most comprehensive B2B NPS & CX benchmarks report on the planet.