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Get More Revenue Out of Your Accounts

The CustomerGauge Account ExperienceTM software combines experience and revenue data with account insights to help you make better customer-centric decisions that grow your accounts faster than the competition.

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What We Do


Account Experience

Tie your B2B experience data directly to revenue and grow faster. Monitor & predict churn to drive transformational change in your org.

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Employee Experience

Make employee engagement the cornerstone of your company culture with a dedicated employee experience and eNPS suite.

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Professional Services

Ask the experts. Become an expert. Learn which workshops and consulting services will help transform your experience program.

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Break Down Your Experience Silos

Account Experience is for the entire organization—not one department. Effortlessly collect and distribute actionable data to the front-lines in real-time to drive significant account-centric revenue growth.


The Revenue Difference

If revenue integration doesn’t live at the heart of your experience program, success is immeasurable. Companies that monetize their experience programs with revenue integration & go beyond simple feedback management and closed loop practices achieve:


Greater Referral Sales Volume


Greater Revenue Growth


Greater Up/Cross-Sales Growth


Turn Your B2B CX into Transformative Growth

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