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Keeping Your Customers Doesn't Have to be Complicated...

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Capitalize on customer feedback! Craft beautiful emails and surveys to increase response rates. Discover a path to loyalty for every customer.

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Act on customer insights quickly and rescue detractors before it's too late! Set up automatic fire-fighting and one-touch mobile notifications to close the loop faster then ever before.

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Maximize your referrals, upsells, and cross-sell opportunities by identifying your key accounts. Tie your NPS program to revenue, increase your retention rates and create customers for life.

Turn customer feedback into a competitive advantage

Engage with your customers through beautiful HTML emails and surveys to uncover insights. Avoid analysis paralysis with our interactive text analytics and simple root cause analysis tools.

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Close the loop and win them back

Mend the pain points in your customer’s journey and rescue them before it’s too late with one-touch automatic fire-fighting. Show customers you value their input by turning their feedback into action.

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Let customers drive your growth

Maximize customer relationships to elevate your brand. Tap into your promoter pool for online reviews and referrals. Attract new business and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with ease!

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We’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way

Learn how to measure, retain, and grow your customer base with our unparalleled resource library offering insights into every facet of a successful customer retention program leveraging the power of monetized NPS.

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This playbook walks you through a step-by-step process to better manage customer relationships.

“Hands down the best vehicle for client feedback I have ever used!”

Jason Roepelle - Alaska Communications

“Employees can see it and they can pick up the phone and talk to the customer, and employee engagement is going up because of that. It’s making people’s lives a bit more meaningful because they are seeing directly from these customer comments and scores that ‘hey, we make a difference.”

Jessica Hobson - Wolters Kluwer

“One of the best vendors I have worked with in a 25 year career. Always hits deliverables and rarely makes mistakes. Very technically competent.”

Joe Bartling - Director of Analytics at H&R Block

“CustomerGauge’s strength is to find the right balance of powerful analytics and usability.”

Thomas Walder - Head of Marketing Systems & Process Management at Kuoni

Discover how CustomerGauge can help you retain every last customer.