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Account Experience™ (B2B CX) Certification

The certification offers a foundation in the Net Promoter® framework and Account Experience™ program operation. With 6 jam-packed courses, learners will walk through everything from customer loyalty economics, survey methodology, driver analysis, target-setting and more.

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Achieving Customer Loyalty

Discover the building blocks of customer loyalty, the people behind the NPS movement, and an introduction to the Net Promoter framework.


Understanding an NPS Program

Learn key elements of an NPS program, including what the prerequisites to a successful program are and how to successfully implement and operate a Net Promoter System®.


Listening to Feedback

Create the ideal relationship and transactional surveys that align with your customer journey and optimize survey media to boost response rates.


Analyzing Results

See how driver analysis can help get to root cause 94% of the time, the available analysis tactics to get you there, and how to determine if results are statistically significant.


Closing the Loop

Walk through the steps for closing the loop with respondents and accounts at the frontline as well as closed-loop best practices for senior management and executives.


Optimizing Your NPS Program

Determine what part competitive benchmarks and cultural factors play into your NPS program and how to set S.M.A.R.T. targets that will transform your program's ROI.

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Our Courses

If you have a more specific need and want to start by targeting an area of your Account Experience™ (B2B CX) program or add to your knowledge of NPS®, we also offer a collection of specialized courses; Customer loyalty economics, survey methodology, driver analysis, target-setting... to name a few.

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