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For Logistics

With actionable feedback coming from over 3M+ outlets and delivered to more than 10,000 seats deployed across the world, CustomerGauge Account Experience is the most trusted channel feedback solution for all logistics companies on the market. Our experience solution allows you to act on channel feedback in real-time and make the voice of the customer your lasting competitive advantage.

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The #1 B2B Voice of Customer Solution For Logistics Companies

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Seats deployed across
the world...

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"We have higher renewal rates with the customers we survey (using CustomerGauge)"

-Markus Engel, DHL

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Our Logistics Customers
Are Shattering Industry Benchmarks With
Account Experience

CustomerGauge owns the largest B2B experience benchmarks database for Logistics on the planet. And we’ve painstakingly integrated our Logistics NPS & CX benchmarks directly into our Account Experience platform so you know exactly where you stand on all metrics. As a result, CustomerGauge Account Experience clients outperform their peers across all major logistic experience metrics.

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The Logistics NPS & CX Benchmarks Are Here

Access the largest collection of logistics NPS & CX benchmarks on the planet and see how your program stacks up today.

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We Have The Data-Driven Playbook For Logistics Market Share Growth

The Logistics industry is more competitive than ever. But some of your peers are growing faster than ever—so what’s their secret? They have deployed an ‘always on’ channel feedback strategy that operationalizes experience insights, integrates SLAs, and keeps them one step ahead of their competition.

Drive Unprecedented Channel Visibility

The key to unlocking massive market share is perfecting your channel experience. CustomerGauge Account Experience solution increases visibility into your channel operations by measuring & acting on channel feedback in real time to drive significant market share and growth.

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‘Always On’ Channel Feedback To Grow Market Share Faster

Transform your feedback strategy from a once a year collection effort to an ‘always on’ listening program to capture and act on every interaction at scale.

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Integrated Benchmarks So You Can Compare (And Grow) In Real-Time

CustomerGauge’s Account Experience platform is the only in the world which integrates logistics benchmarks directly into the product to help maximize growth.

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Use Data, Not Opinions to Operationalize Channel Feedback & Grow

For too long, the logistics market has relied on ‘gut feelings’ and ‘opinions’ of channel health—those days are over. With CustomerGauge’s Account Experience solution, you can operationalize channel feedback with a data-first approach to maximize market share and growth.

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Integrate Easily

We know getting stuff done can be more than a one person job. With CustomerGauge we sync with companies that you use to make your experience with us that much easier. Explore all of our integrations.

  • Hubspot

  • Salesforce

  • Slack

  • Sugar CRM

  • MS Dynamics

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Every month you are losing money to churn whether you realize it or not. Account Experience helps you get control of churn and generate net-new opportunities so you can grow faster than your competition.


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Experience Benchmarks

Get The B2B Experience Benchmarks

With over 24,000+ data points collected across 12 B2B industries, this is the most comprehensive B2B NPS & CX benchmarks report on the planet.


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Experience ROI

See the impact CustomerGauge could have on your bottom-line.