Enterprise Level Customer Experience Management

Manage your entire company, start with existing customers

Your future starts with existing customers

The basis of your company’s growth lies in your existing customer base. Therefore you should at any time know how much of your revenue is at stake and how much you can count on.

And a helicopter view of your customers is the easiest way to know that.

Pinpoint opportunities in your current revenue

Do you know which customers or segments are the financial backbone of your company?

CustomerGauge explores and analyzes your data to find similar groups of customers that are obvious opportunities for more sales.

Turn feedback into revenue

In this fun guide tailor made for Executives by Executives, we walk you through the essential steps you should take to create or adjust your NPS program to become a revenue producing asset.

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Forge long-term customer relationships

Understand what makes your customers annoyed or delighted with can help solve the underlying issues that prevent you from offering the best experience possible.

This will reinforce the trust your happy customers already have, prevent unhappy customers from leaving and increase your chances for long term relationships with new customers.

Make your marketing more effective

Identify your most loyal customers to re-enforce all your marketing efforts and make it more effective. There is a reason why they say that “Customers are 4 to 5 times as likely to believe another customer instead of you.”

So engage your promoters to encourage referrals or use your customer’s praise on a dedicated review website to take control of your reputation on the internet.

Reduce service costs

By monitoring the performance of frontline staff and understanding what adds and doesn’t add value to the customer, you can implement changes to make the customer’s experience more smooth.

In result, your happier customers will make service costs plunge.

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