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The CustomerGauge Net Promoter® (NPS) Course

The metric is simple, but a true Net Promoter System takes know-how. Get the skills you need with the CustomerGauge Net Promoter® course.

Learn the "secret sauce" to take your NPS® program from 0 to 10. The CustomerGauge NPS certification course provides the foundation and battle-tested strategies for a successful Net Promoter® program.


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Origins of Net Promoter

The Net Promoter System is a proven methodology for measuring customer loyalty through first-hand feedback. Learn how NPS was created and how NPS is calculated.


Most Trusted Metric in B2B

See why Net Promoter is a popular customer experience metric that is simple, effective, and correlated to revenue growth—which is essential in any B2B context.


Who Benefits From Net Promoter

Straightforward and easily understood by everyone from the front line, to management, all the way up to Senior Leadership, Net Promoter provides a touchstone for engaging your entire workforce in every department


Impact on Growth

Because Net Promoter is a leading indicator for growth, it provides the best anchor for your customer experience management program. See how NPS ties directly into sales growth and referrals.


Close the Loop With Net Promoter

For Net Promoter to really mean something, a business needs not only to calculate NPS but also to act on it! See how to take action on your customer’s feedback.


Activate Your Promoters

Promoters are loyal and are perceived as the brand ambassadors of your business. Discover different ways to benefit from the most valuable asset a Net Promoter system can provide your company.

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