Employee Net Promoter® Score

eNPS® a simple alternative to traditional employee surveys.

The Employee Engagement Survey is the third most popular management tool in the world.

It is also one of the tools executive managers are least satisfied with according to Bain & Co.* Top reasons for dissatisfaction include long complex surveys and little action with no link to revenue.

Employee Net Promoter Score – or eNPS – is the popular and simple alternative to “traditional” employee surveys.

Short surveys

Many companies use long employee surveys that take a lot of time to answer and create survey fatigue.

eNPS only asks two questions. The first being: “How likely are you to recommend your company as a place to work to a friend?” uses the NPS methodology and divides respondents into detractors, passives and promoters.

The second question lists common score reasons as options and a comment box for context around their score. All in all, the survey takes 2-3 minutes.

“Short” also means “frequent”

Many companies survey only once a year, but we know that issues impacting employee loyalty and engagement may happen multiple times and well in advance of the survey. As a tool for improving engagement, yearly surveys are almost useless.

Due to the shortness of eNPS surveys you can survey more often, e.g. 2 or 4 times a year.

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Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Many employee survey vendors use their own “proven” statistical model based on 20+ questions to gauge employee loyalty and engagement. The complexity makes the results difficult to understand and fuels resistance in management and among employees.

eNPS does not use statistical models but simple math to calculate which reasons contribute to your employee net promoter score.


Often there is a huge lag between sending the survey and seeing results, but in this digital age there is no reason why data cannot be available real-time.

From NPS we know that it’s imperative to follow up respondents within 48 hours, so why do we allow employee feedback to pile up for two months or more? By then results are likely outdated and employees will have forgotten the survey and their answers.

Use CustomerGauge’s real-time features to monitor scores, read comments, let HR follow-up individual respondents (if they request it) and share results with management.

Show change

Some companies perform employee surveys to “check the box”. Since any decent company has to do them, management is often supplied with an ample amount of employee feedback. However, rarely does this information produce measureable results.

eNPS is actionable making it easier to enact and enforce change at the organizational level. Management can now conduct meetings to decide which detraction issues to fix and which promotion strengths to spread based on easy to understand employee feedback. From there, why not use CustomerGauge’s Thank You-emails to show employees that you listened to their concerns and made changes specifically to make them happier at the workplace.

A happy side-effect as we like to call it of these emails is that your response rates ultimately improves!

Ensure anonymity

Irrespective of executive management claims, many employees don’t trust employee surveys are anonymous.

Choose a digital solution with no possibility for management to break the anonymity.

Enhanced eNPS

Some companies choose to ask another two questions in the survey, the first being: “How likely are you to recommend our products and services to family and friends?” This is the NPS question used to measure customer loyalty and should be followed by a second question asking for score reasons.

Getting the employees’ input about customer experiences is valuable data. Often employees hold your company to a higher standard than customers.

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