Flexibility and configuration

CustomerGauge has the flexibility to scale up according to your needs and to be customized to handle your specific requirements.

True scalability

Scalability of users

As your customer centric activities grow, CustomerGauge grows together with you.

Different permission sets

Permissions can be adapted to reflect each user’s role in the NPS project. With different permission sets come different types of access to the system.

One language fits all? Very unlikely.

Speak the language of your customers and customize your surveys (in 40 languages). Also, the CustomerGauge platform is available in eight different languages.


We’ve had many successful complex multi-country rollouts many times. Our international staff is there to consult and guide you along the way.

Automation and Integration

CustomerGauge is designed to run as a totally automated and integrated system, working in the background to survey your customers at each touchpoint, relationship milestone or after a transaction.

Salesforce integration

The customer data inside your favorite and most popular CRM system can be linked to the collected loyalty data with a dedicated integration.

Connected to your corporate systems

Using our flexible, RESTful API or more simple SFTP, you can connect your systems that contain data of your customers to CustomerGauge.

Automated service recovery workflows

For every disgruntled customer with a pressing issue, an automatic alert can be triggered to warn the most relevant person in your organization.

Prevent “over-surveying"

With different survey touchpoints, the danger lies in causing survey fatigue. Specialized survey rules make sure a customer gets surveyed only a predetermined maximum number of times.

Security and Privacy

We take security and privacy extremely seriously. With SSAE 16 and ISO27000 certified servers in the USA, Europe and Australia we are able to provide you with the best security and privacy solutions for your business. Read more about it here

Easy implementation

Rolling out software at the enterprise level doesn’t have to be difficult and burdensome. Our approach is the “KISS” model. Even the most complex situations can be set up in days.

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