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Where ROI Meets NPS

Not all Net Promoter Systems® are created equal. Experience the monetized difference and tap into the true value of your Net Promoter® program with our powerful retention and revenue toolset. Manage your reputation and maximize social reach with referrals and reviews housed on our custom SEO-optimized review platform.

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Remove Retention Blindspots

It’s 5 to 25x times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain one. Yet, 1 in 3 companies don’t know their retention rate. With our advanced retention features set, you’re no longer in the dark when it comes to keeping track of your company’s retention performance, churn, and growth opportunities.


Unlock the Financial Potential in Your NPS Program

Stop asking what-if, start improving the ROI of your Net Promoter program. Harness our best-in-class Revenue Simulator and see the financial impact 1 NPS point has on your bottom line or the losses incurred when NPS suffers.

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Keep a Pulse on Customer Relationships

Predict churn before it happens! Track the health of customer relationships with a 360 degree view of your engagement—from support ticket systems to business reviews to CRM activities.



Get the Blueprint for Double-Digit Retention Growth

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Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Harness the power of online reviews with your very own online review platform. Gain the trust of prospective and existing customers alike by publishing customer comments to a public review page.

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Always be Closing. Always be Learning.

Learn from every deal. Use our Win/Loss analysis tool to ask your customers their motivations for choosing you or your closest competitor, and gain valuable insights that translate into future wins.

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Spread the Love.

Use the Digital Signage tool to display comments and Net Promoter Scores® directly on your TVs, iPads, monitors, or web site for your company—or the public—to see in real-time.

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We Play Well with Others.

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