Never Lose a Customer and Translate Feedback into Top and Bottom Line Growth

Sell more effectively to existing customers

Rescue Your Customers

The cornerstone of our CustomerGauge system and arguably the most important driver of increased retention - our Fire Fighting features. Unmatched in the industry, our 1-click Fire Fighting feature sends notifications directly to your email, phone, or CRM so you can react to detractors and passives in real-time. Leverage our Business Review tool to help you put out fires and successfully manage your relationships with all the relevant information right at your finger-tips.

It’s time to truly harness the power of your customer feedback. Earn the trust of your customers and drive lifetime loyalty with the CustomerGauge Fire Fighting Suite.

Tied to Revenue

“Never Lose a Customer” is our rallying cry at CustomerGauge. Why? Because studies show reducing churn by a mere 5% increases profits by up to 85% according to the Harvard Business Review. Imagine what we could do together if we reduced your churn by 10%, 25%, or even 50%?

That’s why we give you a snapshot of how much revenue is at risk and how much is safe at all times!

Engage With Your Customers Like Never Before

Want to increase your retention rates by up to an additional 10%? It’s simple according to an NPS Benchmarks Industry-wide survey: Close the loop!

Yet another often overlooked tactic of Never Losing a Customer, closing the loop is following up with your customers after they give you feedback. A meeting or a direct phone call is always a great way to improve a customer relationship. But with thousands of customers that may become very time-consuming. And as you grow, this approach is not scalable.

Instead, CustomerGauge helps you setup a smart cadence of automated emails to relay what you've learned from their feedback and what actions you've taken. Responding to your customers is always in the recipe for increased loyalty!

Close the Loop Like a Pro

In this groundbreaking eBook, learn why closing the loop is important, what it should achieve and the best practices associated with a successful implementation.


Get More Customer Referrals

SWOT meets NPS®

A referred customer has a higher life-time value- They buy more, stay longer and cost less to acquire. Activate your Promoters like a Pro with CustomerGauge.

It’s not always about losing customers... We combine the power of NPS with a SWOT analysis to clearly identify your customers most likely to refer you more business!


Whatever systems you currently use, with over 20+ built-in APIs,
CustomerGauge is integrate! Add multiple sources of customer data to
increase the power of your analysis. And with CustomerGauge’s flexible
REST-ful API or dedicated integrations (Salesforce, Freshdesk, Magento),
you can merge loyalty data with any other data that you wish.

(and many more..)

Publicize Your Customer Feedback

Take ownership of your social media channels  by publishing glowing reviews about your company directly from your customers.

Use our review tool to publish the thousands of comments you already collect through our tool and sky-rocket your search rankings in the process.

Discover how CustomerGauge can help you retain every last customer.