Share feedback all around

Get your colleagues involved

Closing the loop

Reaching your goal of being customer-centric is only possible when everybody in the company is on the same page. Sharing the voice of the customer with everybody puts a face on your customers and is the perfect reminder for the purpose of your company - to serve the customer.


Digital Signage

Show your Net Promoter Scores, score trends, scores by country, comments, Firefighting, word clouds, static images, and much more. You can create and edit as many versions of Digital Signage as you like (one for each office if you wish) and show them on any screen.

Turn customer feedback into public star ratings

Who better to talk about the quality of your company than other customers? Gain the trust of prospective and existing customers alike by publishing new customer comments to your own public review page.

And when doing research on Google, the page will be right there for the prospective client with an honest opinion about you from real customers.

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Automatically share custom voice of the customer reports

Disseminate your custom reports built around the voice of the customer to any relevant person in your organization, automatically.

The personalized report for your CEO, VP of Marketing or Head of customer service can be send weekly, monthly or however often you’d like.

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