CustomerGauge Win/Loss Reviews

The ever-improving sales process

The world's first fully automated and integrated Win/Loss Review solution

Every sales opportunity is a lesson for the next

Learn why you win, lose or disengage with an opportunity and use this knowledge to optimize your sales process. Organizations using Win/Loss Reviews surpass other firms in sales quota attainment, customer retention and lead conversions.


CustomerGauge Win/Loss Reviews is designed to make the whole process of a Win/Loss Review faster and more cost efficient. This was initially developed for internal purposes, but is now available as a feature offering.

What is a Win/Loss Review?

Win/Loss Reviews allow organizations to learn from every deal and optimize their sales process as a result. By asking your customers their motivations for choosing you or your closest competitor, you'll gain valuable insights that translate into future wins.

What happens to my data?

The questions you answer will only be used for internal purposes to optimize your sales process for future customers.

Why do companies conduct Win/Loss Reviews?

Research shows a great improvement in lead conversion. Even after closing a deal, companies using Win/Loss Reviews show a 60% retention rate (over 48% of non-users).

Every story (deal) has two sides

After a deal is either lost or won, all parties involved are asked to participate in the Win/Loss Review. By doing so, both the perspective of the vendor and that of the buyer can be compared to provide a holistic view of the entire deal.

Fully automated and integrated

CustomerGauge Win/Loss Review is fully integrated with Salesforce. Based on the outcome of the sales process one of three surveys, specifically tailored to the situation is sent. On the vendor side, the account manager also gets a survey, allowing a helicopter view of the situation.

Engineered Victory

Apart from advising sales representatives on their approach, the Win/Loss data allows senior management to identify the key success factors in won business. These insights into the brand, product, pricing, sales process and how they compare with the nearest competitors provide organizations the power to engineer past losses into future wins.

For your new customers, you’ll know where to start building more value to make the relationship even more successful.

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