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Your customers have spoken—your move. Mobilize promoters with real-time follow-up and rescue detractors with one-touch mobile fire-fighting using the world’s most advanced closed loop platform.

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Every Customer is a VIP—Don’t Keep Them Waiting

Streamline your follow-up process using real-time fire-fighting to close the loop with detractors and mobilize promoters into advocates...all within minutes.

Every Cust Is Vip

Turn Weeks into Minutes

"With CustomerGauge, we’ve now taken what normally would take a few weeks to get back to the guest and correct the behavior to a couple of minutes.”

-Cary Self, Areas

Never Miss a Beat

Customer are prompt, you should be too. More than 50% of customers answer surveys in less than 24 hours. Capitalize on this by using automated, rule-based escalation emails to deliver actionable insights to the right person, every time.

Never Miss A Beat3

Don’t Let Customers Slip Through the Cracks

Get to the heart of customer feedback with a complete, holistic view of your ongoing case management. Assign cases automatically, track statuses and time to close the loop, determine what drivers played a part, and much more.

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Close the Loop

See How to Close the Loop in 48hrs and Gain a 6% Bump in Retention

Close The Loop

Aim High

Set your standards, rise to meet them. With our advanced KPI reporting, you can set S.M.A.R.T goals that drive change throughout your company by adding KPI targets to analyses that show performance vs. goals.


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