Act to improve your customer experience

Put out fires!

Increase Retention by Closing the Loop—Fast

Companies who close the loop fast experience a 10% bump in retention. Bring disgruntled customers back to the flock. Follow-up with detractors quickly using alerts triggered automatically by email.

Put Your Best People On the Case

Implement workflows to assign cases to the relevant employees for follow up. Track the progress of open cases to ensure customers don’t fall through the cracks.

Turn customer feedback into your competitive advantage.

Show Off Anywhere, Anytime

Use the Digital Signage tool to display comments and scores directly on your TVs, iPads, monitors, or web site for your company—or the public—to see.

Share Your Remarkable Customer Experience Online

Who better to talk about the quality of your company than your customers? Gain the trust of prospective and existing customers alike by publishing customer comments to your own public review page.

Close the Loop Like a Pro

In this groundbreaking eBook, learn why closing the loop is important, what it should achieve and the best practices associated with a successful implementation.


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