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3 things you (maybe) didn't realize you could do in CustomerGauge - Campaign Management

Blog by Ian Luck
August 19, 2020

1. Compare the performance of your campaigns, including things like Reminder emails vs. Primary emails.

Trying out some different subject lines between your primary & reminder emails? Unsure if your reminder emails are contributing significantly to your response rate? Want to see if personalized follow-up, or some of our other best-practices are having a positive impact on your reminder response rate? Setting up a report or a few widgets within a report to compare the performance of primary email invites vs. reminder email invites would be very worth your while. Check out the below examples for an idea:

2. Monitor the performance of your email and/or SMS deliveries and failures in our improved Data Transport Report.

Are you curious about the performance of your survey emails? Wondering how clean your email address data is? How about your email open rate? Want to know why those SMS surveys didn’t go through? These are all things you can find and track in your Data Transport!

Some specific things that the Data Transport Report will highlight for you are things like bounced email addresses and invalid or incorrect phone numbers for SMS (for instance, CustomerGauge will automatically prevent you from attempting to send an SMS to a landline - something that can lead to some pretty significant savings - so that you’re not being charged for an SMS send that wouldn’t ever get delivered).  


CustomerGauge will also categorize all failures as such so that you can easily pull a list of landline numbers (or the aforementioned bounced emails) and pass them back to your team as a part of a data cleanliness exercise.

You can also view the performance of an individual upload (whether it was a manual upload, or via sFTP or API, by clicking on the shaded “#success” column next to the upload in your Setup → Import Data section:


3. Expand your survey reach with alternative distribution methods using our “Generic link surveys.”

While the most common way, by far, that our customers distribute their surveys is via email (and for good reasons), we do have a few alternative survey delivery methods that are good to be aware of. One of them is a “generic” survey link that we call an “anonymous survey.” This link operates differently than our standard survey links sent via email or SMS (those links are “unique” and specific to the email address or phone number the survey was sent to), and for that reason there are several distinct use cases here. And don’t be fooled by the name, even though these generic link surveys are also referred to as “anonymous surveys,” we still have a few ways to get some information about the survey-taker, depending on the use case. 

Some common, high-level use cases for this survey distribution method include, but are not limited to:

a) Embed a survey link directly in your online or mobile application. Many customers will build a pop-up within their online app or push notification in their mobile app behind which our anonymous survey URL is hyperlinked. Customers who choose this option will often send data about the survey taker, who is logged into their application, via our URL Post feature.

b) Host the survey link on a tablet in a public location.

Perhaps you have an office or physical shop location that gets a lot of customer traffic. You can pull up the anonymous survey link on a device with an active internet connection such as a tablet or kiosk. We can even help you have the survey auto-refresh upon completion so that the next customer may use the tablet to complete a new survey. 

c) Put a link to your anonymous survey at the bottom of a printed receipt using a short-link or QR code.

This is a nice option for B2C customers that have POS (Point of Sale/Cash Register) terminals that print out receipts. We have a POS add-on to our surveys that allow you to have customers enter a code or scan a QR and CustomerGauge will parse the code to input some information from the receipt and attach it to the survey response automatically. 

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